The proposed new Utah flag is simple, attractive and rich with symbolism. It represents our state’s history, culture and geography very well. It can be recognized from a distance. It can be drawn from memory. With time, people from all around the country will recognize it as representing the great state of Utah, the same way most people recognize the flags of Texas, Alaska or Colorado.

Last summer, my wife and I visited the Four Corners monument. There, flying proudly over that unique location were the beautiful flags of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado — and then there was Utah’s. The juxtaposition of three well-designed, inspiring flags next to such a busy, forgettable one was jarring and disappointing.

The work of designing, reviewing and refining options is complete, and a worthy new design is before you. If adopted, more Utahns will show our pride by flying the new flag at our homes and businesses, by wearing it on our clothing, and by affixing it to our water bottles, bumpers and backpacks. The new flag would become an instant ambassador for our state. 

Quintin Johnson