From restructuring the century-old leasing system for oil production on public lands, to dumping more money into National Forest management, here’s how the sweeping bill will impact the West.
A senior dog was discovered in a deep, dark cave by explorers in Missouri. Her rescuers aren’t sure how she survived.
Thousands trapped in Death Valley National Park, dozens rescued from flooding highway in Denver, one dies in New Mexico and Utah shatters daily rainfall record.
The proposal would mark a fundamental change to recreation in the Wasatch Mountains.
Conservation groups warn infrastructure on the Colorado River has not kept up with declining water flows.
Nearly 85% of wildfires in the U.S. are caused by humans, including some puzzling situations.
As the West continues to cope with a historic drought and a windy summer, here’s what you need to know about wildfires.
The Delta Conveyance Project would wind through the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, connecting the water-rich north to the dry south.
Despite a weekend of wildfires in California and Idaho, Utah’s poor air is not from smoke.
Do you know ‘The Four B’s’ of fireworks safety?
You’re not going crazy — the last few months have been unusually windy in the Salt Lake Valley.
If successful, the plan would bring one of the largest wolf populations in the U.S. to Colorado over the coming years.
The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning for parts of southern Utah, where high temperatures are expected to range between 100 and 110 degrees.
After a year of breaking records, visitation is trending down this spring for some of Utah’s public land destinations.
It sustains life, central to billion-dollar industries and a vast source of culture and spirituality, but does the natural world truly have a price?
The terrifying video comes a week after a glacial collapse in Italy killed 11. Scientists warn the events are due to climate change.
Three major fires broke out across the Beehive State over the weekend.
The daily limit that of fish an angler can catch is being increased at five different lakes or reservoirs across Utah because of low water levels.
The largest grove of giant sequoias in Yosemite National Park is still closed as firefighters battle a blaze that threatens the trees and has forced hundreds of campers to evacuate. Firefighters worked furiously Saturday to keep the flames from harming the iconic grove of about 500 mature sequoias, which are the world’s biggest trees by volume.
A new Deseret News/Hinckley Institute poll found three-fourths of Utahns say three times a week or less is enough.
The yearslong legal standoff between the federal government and conservation groups continued this week over the Trump-era policy.
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We don’t know all the facts, but millions of Americans who support Donald Trump will view the raid as politically motivated. And they will vote again for Trump, newly impassioned.
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The second-year quarterback got up limping after scrambling during the first quarter of the Jets’ first preseason game.
Employees at Park City Mountain Resort, one of the largest ski areas in the U.S., will have to travel to Nevada or Colorado if they are seeking an abortion not permitted under Utah law.
A religious women’s retreat turned into a parable after 15 hikers got stuck under the Arizona sun.
The peak was previously named after a U.S. Army officer who led a massacre that killed at least 173 Native Americans in 1870.
The search is over. A Kaysville couple and a Herriman man followed the clues and found the treasure chest containing $20,000 that a pair of real estate investors hid somewhere in the Wasatch Mountains earlier this month.
Search and rescue crews continue to celebrate the successful rescue of Riker Webb who was found after two days in a rural area of Montana.
The state’s longest holders of fishing licenses got to have dinner with the governor and first lady, and tell their fish stories.
Every morning for over 20 years, a group of retired men have met at Sandy’s Falcon Park to fly model airplanes, drive monster trucks and send the occasional motorized boat downstream for a little race.
What we can learn about being grateful and making do with what we have from the simple life of pigeons.
Cougar sightings are rare. What’s more rare is one walking into a high school, which is what happened at a California school this week.
The wolverine is one of the most elusive animals in North America.
A treasure chest containing $20,000 has been hidden somewhere in the mountains of Utah’s Wasatch Front, the latest treasure hunt by John Maxim and David Cline.
Because the cabin was not physically attached to the cable, the incident will likely not be investigated by the state.
How can Utahns know if they’re overwatering their lawns? “Flip a coin,” says BYU professor Rob Sowby.
Talem Franco remembers being unable to save his older brother, who drowned at the Deer Creek Island Resort, when he was 16. Now he teaches others about water safety.
Do citronella candles keep mosquitoes away? What level of SPF do I need to block the sun’s rays? Here are the answers to those and three other summer-related questions.
May is National Bike Month and many will head out on the roads or trails soon. Here is some of the best tech to make the most of the rides and keep cyclists safe.
The U.S. House and Senate now need to pass a law to finalize a transfer of over 160,000 acres in the Bears Ears area.
Southern Utah state Rep. Travis Seegmiller has announced he plans to resign from the Utah Legislature.
Take the guesswork out of some aspects of growing healthy plants and flowers with these tools.
If passed, the proposal would have a sweeping impact on recreation in the West. Utah has over 35 million acres of federal land, which would be subject to dozens of provisions.
It’s been a fatal day — and a fatal past several weeks — for pedestrians and cyclists in Utah.
Experts project high risks early in the fire season for Utah but have the potential to taper off with forecast conditions ripe for monsoons.