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High school boys swimming: Snow Canyon blows past 4A field to win first state title in school history

SHARE High school boys swimming: Snow Canyon blows past 4A field to win first state title in school history

Snow Canyon’s Max Barnett celebrates after swimming the last leg of the 400 yard freestyle relay, helping his team place first in the heat and the event, at the 4A men’s swimming state meet at the South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021.

Spenser Heaps, Deseret News

Back in the fall, and particularly around Thanksgiving when all high school sports were shut down for two weeks by order of Gov. Gary Herbert because of increasing COVID-19 transmission, there was legitimate concern about whether there would even be a conclusion to the high school swimming season.

It’s stress Snow Canyon’s boys swimming team felt right along with the rest of the state, especially because it was one of the 4A favorites.

A simple mantra from coach Charlie Barnett helped guide the Warriors through the uncertainty, and on Saturday at South Davis Rec Center in Bountiful, they claimed their first state title in school history.

“I told my kids two things, attitude and effort. If you have a good attitude and put your best effort forward you can do whatever you want to do. The whole year despite everything, the attitude and focus is we do our best, we try our hardest, we support each other. That’s exactly what happened this year,” said Barnett, whose team racked up 352 team points to roll to the 4A title.

Sky View finished with second with 261 points, followed by Ridgeline in third with 239 points.

Snow Canyon was the clear favorite coming in, but knew from experience with its girls team last season not to take anything for granted.

A year ago, Snow Canyon’s girls were the slight favorite at state, but region foe Desert Hills ultimately claimed the title.

“We had that experience with our girls last year. We were in that position and we couldn’t back it up, and I think our boys saw that and learned from that, and they knew it’s not over until that 4x100 is done. Before that is business, and after that is celebration,” said Barnett.

Snow Canyon won all three relays on Saturday, and then also won four individual events.

Senior Max Barnett won the 200 individual medley with nearly a seven-second cushion ahead of second place, and he also claimed the 500 freestyle by 20 seconds.

Fellow senior Grant Gibbs also won a pair of events, the 100 and 200 freestyle.

“There was a lot doubt surrounding the season, especially with all the COVID testing. It was hard knowing if we were going to be safe, when we could compete, when we couldn’t. It’s just really relieving that it happened,” said Barnett, who has committed to swim at Southern Virginia next season.

On Saturday, Barnett broke the Region 9 record set by Desert Hill’s Payton Plumb last season by three tenths of a second. Barnett had many runner-up finishes to Plumb the last couple years at region meets, so to then beat Plumb’s record as a senior was truly gratifying.

“It’s something I’ve had my eyes on for a while,” said Barnett. “It has pushed me without a doubt more than anything else. Especially being led by example and seeing what can be achieved.”

Another double winner on Saturday was Canyon View junior Max Cannon, who was named the 4A swimmer of the year after a dominant season and state meet.

Cannon won both the 100 butterfly and 100 breaststroke, including setting a new overall state record in the breaststroke with a scintillating time of 56.68.

He broke the 4A record in the preliminaries with a time of 57.27, and incredibly lowered it another half second a day later in the final to another 4A state record.

“Coming in and knowing I already have the time, now it’s just win the race, that takes a lot of stress off and makes it easier to swim the way you need to,” said Cannon.

Because of COVID 19 he said he wasn’t able to train in the pool for nearly four months this summer, but he came back focused once school started and committed to pushing for the breaststroke record. When he swam a 57.80 during a club meet back in December, he knew the 57.23 state record set by Westlake’s Denton Anderson was a legit possibility.

He came close in the preliminaries, but made the necessary adjustments to make it happen in the final — and he’s got all of next season to lower it again.

“I like to learn from my races prelims to finals, I knew what I did wrong yesterday and I fixed it today,” he said.

Other individual winners on Saturday were Ridgeline’s Anthony Caliendo in the 50 freestyle and Sky View’s Jaxon Tueller in the 100 backstroke.

4A boys state meet

Saturday’s finals

At South Davis Rec Center

Team scores

1. Snow Canyon, 352

2. Sky View, 261

3. Ridgeline, 239

4. Desert Hills, 163

5. Cedar City, 146

6. Dixie, 137

7. Crimson Cliffs, 112

8. Mountain Crest, 111

Individual results

200 medley relay

1. Snow Canyon (Daxton Green, Max Barnett, Kai Christensen, Parker Christensen), 1:39.29

2. Ridgeline, 1:41.07

3. Sky View, 1:43.50

4. Green Canyon, 1:44.40

5. Crimson Cliffs, 1:44.50

6. Stansbury, 1:45.61

7. Canyon View, 1:45.82

8. Desert Hills, 1:45.83

200 freestyle

1. Grant Gibbs, Snow Canyon, 1:44.30

2. Jaxon Tueller, Sky View, 1:50.83

3. Dallas Schimbeck, Desert Hills, 1:51.70

4. Zachary Douglas, Cedar City, 1:52.83

5. Parker Christensen, Snow Canyon, 1:53.87

6. Landon Jones, Uintah, 1:54.81

7. Luke Eubanks, Ridgeline, 1:56.18

8. Jake Black, Mountain Crest, 1:56.32

200 individual medley

1. Max Barnett, Snow Canyon, 1:54.48

2. Tobler Dotson, Cedar City, 2:01.07

3. Isaac Sorensen, Ridgeline, 2:04.44

4. Jackson DuBose, Sky View, 2:04.70

5. Spencer Bernhardt, Logan, 2:05.65

6. Joe Tenny, Ridgeline, 2:06.75

7. Chandler Wambach, Snow Canyon, 2:07.77

8. Zach Roundy, Mountain Crest, 2:07.84

50 freestyle

1. Anthony Caliendo, Ridgeline, 21.89

2. Braedon Scott, Cedar Valley, 22.37

4. Tyler Foggin, Snow Canyon, 22.77

4. Dusty Hart, Dixie, 22.81

5. Tyson Farnsworth, Green Canyon, 22.82

6. Ethan Atzet, Juan Diego, 22.99

7. Samuel Mcconkie, Desert Hills, 23.17

8. Ned Hill, Dixie, 23.40

100 butterfly

1. Max Cannon, Canyon View, 51.75

2. Isaac Sorensen, Ridgeline, 54.10

3. Daxton Green, Snow Canyon, 54.86

4. Kade Bethers, Desert Hills, 55.21

5. Ethan McKenzie, Juan Diego, 55.86

6. Tyson Farnsworth, Green Canyon, 55.96

7. Tabin Dubon, Sky View, 56.32

8. Kai Christensen, Snow Canyon, 56.33

100 freestyle

1. Grant Gibbs, Snow Canyon, 47.55

2. Anthony Caliendo, Ridgeline, 48.28

3. Braedon Scott, Cedar Valley, 49.23

4. Tyler Foggin, Snow Canyon, 49.75

5. Ned Hill, Dixie, 50.34

7. Dusty Hart, Dixie, 50.55

7. Josh Walker, Crimson Cliffs, 50.87

8. Samuel Mcconkie, Desert Hills, 51.45

500 freestyle

1. Max Barnett, Snow Canyon, 4:50.72

2. Tanner Dodds, Cedar City, 5:05.24

3. Parker Christensen, Snow Canyon, 5:05.48

4. Nathan Seamons, Green Canyon, 5:05.64

5. Ashten Krans, Cedar City, 5:06.41

6. Jake Black, Mountain Crest, 5:15.40

7. Ben Walters, Sky View, 5:17.96

8. Broc Johnson, Sky View, 5:22.69

200 freestyle relay

1. Snow Canyon (Grant Gibbs, Tyler Foggin, Kai Christensen, Daxton Green), 1:31.01

2. Ridgeline, 1:31.17

3. Dixie, 1:33.57

4. Canyon View, 1:33.62

5. Cedar City, 1:34.54

6. Crimson Cliffs, 1:34.85

7. Juan Diego, 1:35.85

8. Sky View, 1:37.39

100 backstroke

1. Jaxon Tueller, Sky View, 54.17

2. Daxton Green, Snow Canyon, 54.96

3. Josh Walker, Crimson Cliffs, 55.29

4. Clayton Nye, Sky View, 56.58

5. Tavin Dubon, Sky View, 56.87

6. Cole Dustin, Ridgeline, 56.97

7. Stephen Bunnell, Green Canyon, 57.43

8. Brayden Jarrett, Mountain Crest, 59.16

100 breaststroke

1. Max Cannon, Canyon View, 56.68

2. Tobler Dotson, Cedar City, 59.89

3. Jackson DuBose, Sky View, 1:02.40

4. Jefferson Kowallis, Bear River, 1:02.43

5. Chandler Wambach, Snow Canyon, 1:02.47

6. Spencer Bernhardt, Logan, 1:02.51

7. Joe Tenny, Ridgeline, 1:02.53

8. Zach Roundy, Mountain Crest, 1:06.24

400 freestyle relay

1. Snow Canyon (Grant Gibbs, Tyler Foggin, Parker Christensen, Max Barnett), 3:15.59

2. Sky View, 3:24.66

3. Dixie, 3:24.74

4. Desert Hills, 3:26.77

5. Cedar City, 3:28.33

6. Ridgeline, 3:33.11

7. Mountain crest, 3:35.45

8. Stansbury, 3:36.39