Junior college baseball isn’t a widely consumed product on a national level, but that might change after the first game in a four-game series between Weatherford College and North Central Texas College.

What happened between Weatherford College and North Central Texas College?

  • Weatherford hosted NCTC Wednesday morning and for the first five innings in the seven-inning contest, it was an ordinary baseball game.
  • That all changed in the top of the sixth inning, though, after NCTC’s Josh Phillips hit the go-ahead home run off Weatherford pitcher Owen Woodward.
  • After rounding third base during his trot around the diamond, Phillips was blindsided by Woodward — a 6-foot-3, 195-pound sophomore.
  • Woodward leveled Phillips — targeting likely would have been called if it were a college football game — driving him into the ground, initiating a dugout-clearing brawl in the process.

What happened after Owen Woodward tackled Josh Phillips?

  • According to Chron.com, the brawl itself didn’t last very long, as players from both teams worked to deescalate the situation.
  • Phillips would get to his feet and finish rounding the bases, after which the game was suspended — it was supposed to be the first game in a doubleheader.

Why did Owen Woodward tackle Josh Phillips?

  • Per ESPN, no explanation has been given to explain Woodward’s actions.
  • Weatherford College did release a statement by head baseball coach Jeff Lightfoot Wednesday afternoon.
  • “We are shocked and disappointed at what happened in our game today,” Lightfoot said. “We do not condone this type of behavior. We have worked hard to build a program with the highest of standards. We are completely embarrassed by this incident, and we apologize to North Central Texas College and the fans of WC baseball. This type of behavior cannot be tolerated.”
  • Weatherford College is investigating incident.
  • “The WC student in question will face potential disciplinary action from the Office of Student Services up to and possibly including expulsion,” the school told ESPN. “The Weatherford College Police Department is also investigating the incident and has taken statements.”
  • Per the College Post, NCTC chancellor Dr. Brent Wallace said that he’s working closely with Weatherford on the incident and it will “be used as a teaching moment for student-athletes to help ensure these incidents do not occur in the future.”