While BYU has received some solid praise from national pundits heading into the NCAA Tournament, there’s not much buzz about the Cougars making a run to the Final Four.

Well, except in one crucial area.

On Monday, Patrick Andres wrote for Sports Illustrated ranking all of the mascots among the 68 teams in the tournament field, and BYU’s Cosmo came in fourth.

Referring to a video on YouTube about Cosmo, Andres wrote, “This YouTube video title tells no lies. Wherever BYU is playing, Cosmo defying death is sure to follow.”

The three mascots listed above Cosmo in Andres’ rankings are: Ralphie and Chip from Colorado, Big Red from Western Kentucky and Zippy from Akron taking the top spot.

Big Blue from Utah State was slotted in at No. 28. The Tiger from Clemson came in last place, although Illinois and San Diego State do not have mascots.