BYU’s running back corps will likely go unchanged through the next session of transfer portal action, according to running backs coach Harvey Unga.

As the final week of spring practice winds down, Unga said his scholarships are all filled and there has been no discussion of additions from head coach Kalani Sitake or offensive coordinator Aaron Roderick.

But things can remain the same until they don’t.

Unga said BYU’s offense has been involved in a lot of tweaks and additions to get more out of the roster, much of it done with input from new coaches TJ Woods and tight end coach Kevin Gilbride, who have knocking noggins with Roderick.

“It’s been fun. We’ve got Jake Retzlaff back and added Gerry Bohanon. I think A-Rod has been able to open up a lot of things, try a bunch of different and new things. We’re enjoying it, although it’s spring ball and we are going up against the same guys every day, scheming against our own team and at a certain point that’s tough, but its been fun,” Unga said.

BYU returns freshman sensation LJ Martin, Miles Davis, Hinckley Ropati, USU transfer Enoch Nawahine, Jovesa Damuni, Sione Moa and Pokaiaua Haunga.

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When Unga set BYU’s all-time rushing record in his day, his coach, Lance Reynolds, tried to protect Unga from nagging injuries by monitoring his practice reps during the week so he’d be available on game day.

BYU has found play in the Big 12 to be physically taxing, but Unga believes he has the players who can handle it this coming second year in the Big 12.

Still, he’s going to be careful and monitor their workload.

“I am so ever grateful for how coach Reynolds looked out for me. Some days I could hardly walk (soft tissue groin pull and contusions). He let me do all I could do, but he’d take whatever I brought on game day. I’m going to do the same with these guys. They’re going up against freaking monsters every week. I’ve challenged them and they’ve responded in the offseason training to prepare,” he said.

Unga said he wants all his backs to be every-down players. “I don’t care what the package looks like, I want them to be able to be in there and play. I don’t want a player for this package and a player for that package — that just signals to the defense what’s coming. If all of our backs can play every down in every formation, it gives us an edge, everything will look the same personnel wise.”

Unga said for the most part, his backs are healthy. Ropati missed most of last season with an injury, as did Davis and Martin.

“They have the normal bumps and bruises you get in spring, but nothing serious,” he said.

Unga likes what he’s seen from new offensive line coach Woods.

“He’s had a lot of experience with successful offensive lines and running attacks in different systems. He knows his stuff. He understands the game and has the ability to connect with our players, teach and get the most out of them. There were some guys we were on the fence with and he’s come in and made them players we want to put out there. It’ s been fun to see him coach them up,” he said.

Unga said Woods has done an amazing job replacing Darrell Funk.

“He has a good balance. He’s tough on them and he’ll get on them, but he knows when to pull back. He knows when to make sure they’re being pushed, but not killing them. He’s holding them accountable, no matter who it is, from Conner Pay to any of the others. Nobody’s going to get a pardon because of who he is, everyone is treated the same.”

BYU’s first year in the Big 12 was a mixed bag. Part of the biggest struggle was BYU’s run game and run blocking up front.

Unga believes those issues have been addressed this spring and fruits will bear out by fall.

That’s the plan. They’re sticking to it.

It’s also the biggest challenge.