For the first time since the 1981-82 season, the Utah Jazz have lost 10 consecutive games.

With a 129-113 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday, the Jazz fell to 29-47 on the season and have lost 10 straight. The last time the Jazz had a losing streak that went into double-digits was an 18-game losing streak in 1982.

That losing streak was coincidentally broken when the Jazz beat the Kansas City Kings on April 2, 1982 — exactly 42 years ago from Tuesday.

Of course, a double-digit losing streak is not something to be proud of (unless you’re a part of the team brass that is hoping to increase your position in the upcoming draft), but that’s the world the Jazz are in and there’s is a real chance that they don’t win another game this season.

Here are the six games remaining for the Jazz: They play the Clippers in Los Angeles, the Warriors at Golden State, return home for two games against the Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets and then end the season with games on the road, once again against the Clippers and Warriors.

Since the Clippers still have to win in order to clinch a playoff spot above the Play-In tournament, they’re not going to be letting the Jazz off the hook this week.

Ditto for the Warriors who are currently in 10th for the final Play-In spot. Denver could potentially rest some stars and so could Houston, who might be out of the running for a Play-In spot once they visit Utah.

But even if any of these teams rest players, the Jazz will still be at risk of losing considering their lack of talent and experience on the court right now.

Lauri Markkanen (shoulder impingement) is not going to be playing, Jordan Clarkson and John Collins will probably miss some games too and now that the Salt Lake City Stars are out of the G League playoffs (they lost on Tuesday night 113-111 to the Santa Cruz Warriors in a single-elimination postseason game), the Jazz have plenty of young guys they can plug and play in the coming days.

Could the Jazz maybe sneak in a win over a team that is resting as they prepare for the postseason or offseason? Sure, but they could also lose the rest of their games and end the season on a 16-game losing streak.

Best shot of the night

Though the game between the Jazz and Cavs was largely not exciting on Tuesday — the Cavs basically won in the first quarter, outscoring the Jazz 40-25 — there was one shot that brought the crowd to its feet.

During a timeout contest in the second half, a contestant was brought out to play in the ‘Threes for Keys’ game. The premise is simple, make three 3-pointers — one from each of the three spots designated on the court — in 30 seconds and win a car from Ken Garff.

Tuesday’s contestant put up a 3-pointer that went through the net just as the buzzer sounded. The contestant was elated, the crowd erupted.

But then the in-arena host announced that the final shot was late and that the contestant would not be receiving the car. The crowd immediately turned. Everyone booed. It was a travesty and everyone in the building demanded justice, including yours truly.

Thankfully, during the next timeout, it was announced that the play had been reviewed and the contestant would in fact be getting a car from Ken Garff.

A Jazz spokesperson later said that the game operations clock had already ended but that the buzzer sound came late and so technically the shot was late. But a Ken Garff representative reviewed the shot and decided that the contestant deserved the prize anyway.

Justice served.