In a tightly contested game, the Judge Memorial Bulldogs were able to thwart a Juan Diego Soaring Eagle comeback and come away with the victory, defeating their region rival 10-8.

The game ended up being a lot closer than many thought when the halftime whistle blew with the Bulldogs leading 6-1. Judge Memorial dominated every aspect of the game in the first half. The Bulldogs held possession and kept the ball on Juan Diego’s side of the field for the better part of the first two quarters.

Judge Memorial was led by an outstanding performance from Rome Swanwick, who had five goals on the night, with four of those coming in the first half.

Also having a stellar game was Gus Wood, who scored three goals, while Frederick Gowski and Maddox Comey had a goal apiece.

“Rome always comes up big for us. He’s a sharpshooter and is unbelievable. He is just a sophomore as well, but he’s huge for us. When we need a big goal, Rome is usually always there and shooters shoot and that’s what he does,” said Judge Memorial head coach Jeff Brzoska.

Even in the third period, Judge Memorial still seemed to be in a good spot, as it only gave up one goal in the period while adding four to take a commanding 10-2 lead into the final frame.

Things then got very uncomfortable, however, as the inexperience of Judge Memorial began to show. Juan Diego’s offense came to life and outscored Judge Memorial 6-0 in the final quarter.

It was too little, too late for Juan Diego however, and Judge Memorial was able to hang on for the victory.

“We needed that big first half in order to hold on in the end. I’m proud of the boys for coming out hot to start the game, but we showed our immaturity and let them back in the game in the end, showing those sophomore moments,” Brzoska said.

While he is happy to get the win, Brzoska knows that his team has a lot to learn and improve on if it wants to go far in region and eventually the playoffs.

“I would love to see us get a little tougher, be better at picking up the ground balls and just learn how to finish in the third quarter,” he said. “Sometimes we get complacent and we don’t get it done on the groundball side. I think our defense and goalie were terrific for 3-plus quarters, but we just need to learn how to finish.”

Juan Diego’s furious comeback bid was led by Parker Stolz, who scored three goals.