BYU officially introduced Kevin Young as its new men’s basketball coach Wednesday night at the Marriott Center in Provo.

“This is an amazing place and it has been for a long time,” Young said. “What I want to do to take it to the next level is make this place the best place in college basketball to prepare young men to play in the NBA, and with my background, I think we’re going to get that done.”

Here are some of the highlights of Young’s introduction. Young will continue to be in his job as the lead assistant coach of the Phoenix Suns while they are in the NBA playoffs.

Why he chose BYU

“The thing that really moved the needle for me and my wife was the environment that we’re going to be in here at BYU, what this university stands for, what the mission of this university is. I’m a lifelong member of the church, so to be able to do what I love at the highest level from a career standpoint and blend that with my faith and be able to do it with my wife and my little ones, that’s why we came here.”

On choosing BYU over NBA head coaching opportunities

“Once I realized how special this place was, (making a decision) became easier and easier. ... Truth be told, it’s never actually been my dream to be a head coach in the NBA. I love basketball, I love working with young players, I love developing players and building relationships, and to be able to do all those things at a place that has the family atmosphere that I so desired for my kids and my wife to be around, it actually became a really easy choice.”

On his preferred offensive style

“I was encouraging our guys to watch this (NBA playoff) series between the Suns and (Minnesota Timberwolves) to take some notes on things we do there. ... I think I’m a modern thinker of the game. I want to push the envelope analytically and with shooting 3s.”

On his history with BYU

“I coached for the Utah Flash, which was the old Jazz minor league team. In fact, I lived in BYU housing and met my wife while she was a student at BYU. It was during the Jimmer era here, and I remember coming to a game here. I believe it was against Wake Forest, and it was the most incredible atmosphere I’d ever been in at the college level. That’s what excites me, the passion. It’s crazy in here.”

His message to BYU’s current roster

“I told all of them in the locker room, the things you were able to accomplish your first year in the Big 12 were absolutely remarkable. I can’t wait to have every one of you back in a BYU uniform and get to it. Make no mistake about it, my first priority is those guys.”

On the rowdy Marriott Center environment

“I’m thrilled about it for my kids, honestly, so they can feel how loud it’s going to get in here and the passion everybody has here. I’ve coached a couple players that have played at Duke where I heard might have rivaled the fans here, so I want to be able to rub it in those guys’ faces about how much better this place is than that place.”

On shaving his beard in order to take the job at BYU

“My wife has been wanting me to shave for 13 years, so for it to be here, she’s happy about that.”

What other BYU officials said about Young’s hiring

BYU President Shane Reese: “Through our interview process, it became infinitely clear that we had our man for the job to head our new era for Cougar basketball. We have, in Kevin Young, an incredible family man who is dedicated to the family he’s developed. We have, in Kevin Young, a man who is a humble follower of Jesus Christ, and that is a beautiful thing in this era. And we have, in Kevin Young, an absolutely brilliant basketball mind who is going to take the Cougars to the next level.”

BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe: “Kevin is not someone who just came to us out of the blue. We had our eye on him for quite a while ... his character is impeccable. It is incredible how well-regarded he is by individuals all throughout college basketball and throughout the NBA. Kevin is a remarkable fit here at BYU. He understands what we’re all about here at BYU. He’s committed to doing the right thing.”