Over the weekend, veteran New York Daily News sportswriter Dick Weiss started up a realignment debate by posting on X about a possible move to the ACC by the University of Utah.

“Speculation is circulating about potential shifts in college sports conferences. There is discussion about Utah possibly moving to the ACC despite its recent move to the Big 12, with some suggesting the ACC might be a better fit due to its ESPN network agreement and potential for increased TV value. However, skepticism exists regarding the stability and attractiveness of the ACC compared to the Big 12,” Weiss wrote.

The idea that the Utes would renege on their commitment to the Big 12 and join the ACC always seemed far-fetched, especially when you consider the state of the two leagues.

Florida State and Clemson are suing the ACC over the league’s media rights deal — the ACC’s current media rights deal with ESPN runs through 2036 — and conference exit fee.

Going from a stable conference in the Big 12 to a conference where two of the top brands are looking to exit would be a definite step backward, especially since the Big 12′s media rights deal is on par with the ACC’s — Utah wouldn’t gain more money by joining the ACC.

On Tuesday afternoon, Utah responded with a statement to reporter Brett McMurphy, denying any notion that it is looking to leave the Big 12.

“We are proud to be entering into membership in the Big 12 Conference in the coming months & excited to join our new colleagues and member institutions. A report over the weekend that suggested otherwise is completely fabricated & irresponsible,” the statement from Utah Athletics read.

Amid the collapse of the Pac-12 last year, the ACC had serious discussions with Utah, alongside Arizona, Arizona State, Cal and Stanford, Yahoo Sports’ Ross Dellenger reported, but the Utes decided to join the Big 12, along with Arizona State and Arizona.

Colorado announced its move from the Pac-12 to the Big 12 a few weeks prior to the three schools’ move.

Utah will officially join the Big 12 Conference on July 1.