Recent research from ophthalmologists shows screen time is drastically, and permanently, changing the shape of our eyes.
Lawsuits against Meta, the parent company of Facebook, have been filed in Texas and Illinois, claiming the company is abusing the use of biometric data.
Here’s what you need to know and what to look out for when booking rental properties for your vacations.
Light and matter cannot escape a black hole’s center, making the image extremely hard for scientists to capture.
Apple announced the end of the 20-year journey of the iPod.
Take the guesswork out of some aspects of growing healthy plants and flowers with these tools.
Apple has launched a DIY phone repair service in the U.S. for those who feel confident enough to try it.
Here are some safety measures you can take to prevent strangers from getting access to any tech devices in your home.
Cryptocurrency dominates many of the conversations on Twitter.
Photo-sharing social media apps can be tricky, especially when they pose a risk to your safety. Here are things to consider when using apps like BeReal.
Companies like Zoom and Intel are experimenting with artificial intelligence software that can detect and analyze human emotion.
SeekXR, an augmented reality company based in Lehi, is aiming to use its 3D imaging company to bring companies into the metaverse using its tech.
No filters. No retouching. BeReal is a new app making waves among Gen Z.
Beta Technologies, an electric aviation company, secured funding and is now on its way to getting FAA certification
There are many benefits to seniors using technology. But worries over privacy and competence may keep them from trying it out. There are a few things loved ones can do to help them have a good experience in the digital world.
Utah-based Matia Robotics is working to improve the mobility and health of a wide range of users who use wheelchairs.
Contrary to previous data, some researchers are finding that smartphone use among teens might affect them less than we originally thought.
The SpaceX billionaire and newly inaugurated University of Utah president have wildly divergent views on the value of an in-person college education.
Use parental controls to curtail the foul language and adult content that may pop up when your children stream their favorite tunes.
Our review of the Monoprice keyboard and the Monoprice Collider gaming keyboard.
Gaming can be fun, spur creativity and help kids’ coordination. But parents should know the controls available to make gaming time as safe as possible.
The letter urges social media companies to provide better parental controls and monitoring.
With teens spending more than four hours each day on social media, it’s time to take a closer look at what content is available there and whether it’s appropriate for their eyes.
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The core “social identity” of believers influences whether saints stand fast in the faith.
The violent death of Rex Lee Sr. split St. Johns, Arizona, in two. The town is trying to move on.
Katrina Lantos Swett, a Jewish child of Holocaust survivors, human rights advocate, Democrat and Latter-day Saint, invites everyone to make more seats at the table.
Whiting guided the Burley Bobcats to a state championship in 2022 and she has established a reputation for the way she develops players and maximizes their talents
Amari Whiting is committed to play collegiately for the Oregon Ducks and is one of the top high school recruits in the U.S.
Solar panel awnings, lounge areas and faster charging are all things Volkswagen is looking at to enhance the consumer experience.
Rather than focus on how much time children spend on their phones, parents should try to understand how they engage with them, experts say.
Steve Wilhite, creator of the GIF, died March 14 due to complications from COVID-19.
Battery swapping stations may work in theory, but they pose a whole new set of challenges.
As kids turn to streaming services for content, parents should be aware of simple steps available to make viewing safer for kids.
Many factors affect the total cost of owning an EV, including purchasing price, maintenance costs and insurance.
Comedian Pete Davidson is shooting off into space on Blue Origin’s 20th mission.
There are some great benefits to video games for kids, but dangers also lurk. Parents should learn about filters that can help make their kids experience safer, while just as fun.
Starting Sunday at midnight, Russians will no longer have access to Instagram, in the country’s latest attempt to go up against foreign social media platforms.
Gas prices are spiking, pushing some new car buyers to switch to electric vehicles.
The relationship between screen time and kids’ mental health is more complicated than we thought.
Don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of setting up restrictions. It can be a great conversation starter and a first step to helping your child have healthy online habits.
Apple is expected to announce the new SE 3 that is compatible with 5G .
Electric Vehicles are popular in California, Florida and the South but these cars lose driving range in cold weather.
Several states launch investigations into TikTok’s effect on the health of children.
Ukrainian deputy prime minister urges major game developers to withdraw from the Russian market in light of the invasion.
RootsTech 2022 organizers have promised to bring more energy to the screen at this year’s free, three-day global family history conference.
Fine-tune your search skills with some tips and tricks that are easy to remember and use.
From flip phones to iPads, many tech products will be affected by the 3G shutdowns. Here’s what you need to know.
A new report analyzed blockchain transactions and found that Melania Trump bought her own auctioned NFT.
Instead of scratching your head over some of the vernacular coming out of teens’ mouths, parents may want to get informed, learn the meaning, but never ever use it.
Interested in going to space? Tickets for a Virgin Galactic flight will be available soon.
These innovations are cutting down on human contact to help keep COVID-19 at bay.