Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the CDC, warned Americans that the next few months in the coronavirus pandemic could be “the most difficult in the public health history of this nation.”

What’s happening:

Redfield — who spoke an event from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — said 90% of the country remains in a hot or red zone when it comes to COVID-19, according to CNBC.

  • He said 90% of long-term care facilities are in areas where there is a high level of spread.
  • Redfield warned the current health care system might not withstand the surge of COVID-19 cases coming through.

“So we are at a very critical time right now about being able to maintain the resilience of our health care system,” Redfield said. “The reality is December and January and February are going to be rough times. I actually believe they’re going to be the most difficult in the public health history of this nation, largely because of the stress that’s going to be put on our health care system.”

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Redfield said the U.S. could see close to 450,000 deaths from the novel coronavirus.

A dangerous place

The White House coronavirus task force has issued a new dire warning to all Americans that the country remains in a dangerous place, as I wrote about for the Deseret News.

  • “We are in a very dangerous place due to the current, extremely high COVID baseline and limited hospital capacity; a further post-Thanksgiving surge will compromise COVID patient care, as well as medical care overall.”