Public health officials have warned that cash registers at the grocery store are the most dangerous place where you can contract the coronavirus, according to CNN.

  • CNN said: “Every item cashiers touch, scan and bag has been handled by customers and other workers.”

How it happens

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people stay 6 feet apart for social distancing to stop people from spreading the virus.
  • But health experts told CNN it’s nearly impossible for people to stay 6 feet apart when one is behind the cash register.
  • Cashiers and customers can both infect each other because they are so close.
  • Brandon Brown, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Riverside, told CNN: “The cashier spot is still the most dangerous since every customer passes this area and stands there for some time while groceries are moving down the counter,” 
  • Touching a surface or object that has the coronavirus on it can infect you if you touch your face or eyes afterword, according to the CDC.

How to stay safe

According to The Wall Street Journal, deliveries are the safer option when you’re trying to grab some groceries since you don’t have to interact with so many customers.

  • You’ll want to avoid sharing money or credit cards with your cashier. Use a credit card reader instead.
  • Gloves won’t help much if you touch your face.
  • You should avoid using your phone in the store, too. If you do use your phone, wipe it down when you get home.

Correction: This article previously said touching a surface or object that has the coronavirus on it can infect you, according to the CDC. You can be infected by touching a surface and then your face or eyes.