Frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil to China have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, Chinese officials recently said.

What happened?

  • Officials found the coronavirus inside a sample of frozen chicken wings that had been imported from Brazil to Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province, Southern China.
  • The city’s government said it discovered the infection during a routine screening of the imported food.
  • Health officials in Shenzhen traced and tested anyone who may come into contact with the imported chicken wings. All the results came back negative, CNN reports.
  • Nearby and related products were screened and tested. All tests came back negative.
  • The location where the chicken wings were stored was disinfected.
  • Authorities now plan to review other products connected to the brand of chicken wings, CNN reports.
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Bigger picture:

  • There has been some concern about coronavirus being found within food packaging. In fact, coronavirus has been found in shrimp packaging from Ecuador at a Chinese restaurant, Reuters reports.
  • Back in mid-July, reports surfaced that COVID-19 had been found in shrimp packaging, which I wrote about for
  • Similarly, China tied an outbreak of COVID-19 in Beijing to imported salmon, The New York Times reports.