Hawaii has become the state with the highest rate of coronavirus transmission in the entire country, according to new data.

What’s going on?

Hawaii has seen its COVID-19 cases spread at a rate of 1.6, meaning every person who becomes infected with COVID-19 spreads the disease to at least 1.6 people, according to Hawaii News Now.

  • South Dakota is right behind with 1.2, and Texas is nearby with 1.16. Utah’s is 1.01.
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What they’re saying:

  • “It’s just a glaring example of how we need to be serious about this. We need to wear masks, we need to social distance.” — Dr. Scott Miscovich (Hawaii News Now)
  • “That is very, very high.” — Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell (Hawaii News Now)

So what’s next?

Hawaii Gov. David Ige has considered a stay-at-home order for Oahu and may delay the return of tourists to the state because of the recent COVID-19 spikes, according to USA Today. The state had 355 new infections on Thursday and has seen 40 new deaths overall.

  • Ige said: “If things do not get better we will have no choice but to look at more restrictions.”
  • Ige said: “That means we will be looking at a delay of the transpacific pre-travel (COVID-19) testing program.”
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