Immunity to the novel coronavirus remains one of the many mysteries scientists are dealing with.

  • On Monday, Hong Kong researchers said a man was reinfected for the first time since the pandemic began, as I wrote about for The researchers suggested that COVID-19 reinfection is possible in rare cases.

STAT News recently published a report that detailed four different immunity types for battling the novel coronavirus.

Scientists see lasting immunity in COVID-19 patients
Herd immunity idea would lead to staggering death toll, expert says
  • Sterilizing immunity — This is when an immune system can battle off a virus before the infection impacts us. This is what STAT News called “a best-case scenario.”
  • Functional immunity — For this scenario, people who have suffered from the virus could be infected again. But our immune systems would be defensive against the virus and fend it off, according to STAT News.
  • Waning immunity — In this situation, people who have been infected or vaccinated would lose protection over time. But reinfection would be less severe than the first time.
  • Lost immunity — This is exactly as it sounds. People would have immunity, lose it and then reinfection is just as bad as before, according to STAT News.

Definitely head over to STAT News and read the full breakdown. There are a slew of details within the article worth reading about.