The United States is “not in a good place” with the coronavirus ahead of the coming winter months, Dr. Anthony Fauci recently said on “Good Morning America.”

  • “The numbers globally are very serious.”

Fauci said the U.S. has “unacceptably high” new number of coronavirus cases every day. The country currently has about 40,000 new cases per day. That number should be below 10,000, he said.

Fauci said several parts of the country — like Montana, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming — have seen too high of numbers.

  • “There are states that are starting to show an uptick in cases and even some increase in hospitalizations in some states.”
  • “And I hope not, but we very might well start seeing increases in deaths. That’s really something that I had discussed some time ago as something you don’t want to be in a position like that as the weather starts getting cold.”
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Is a second wave coming?

Fauci, one of the country’s top infection disease experts, recently said the United States is still in its first wave of COVID-19 cases. This could mean the country is in danger for the fall and winter.

Fauci told CNN that a second wave might not be the right term for what’s to come.

  • “Rather than say, ‘A second wave,’ why don’t we say, ‘Are we prepared for the challenge of the fall and the winter?’” Fauci said, according to CNN.
  • “If we listen to the public health measures, not only would we diminish the effect of COVID-19, we might get away with a very, very light flu season if we combine that with getting the flu vaccine,” Fauci said.