A new ad campaign will have a simple message — get the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • “This is not only the most important campaign of our generation, but it needs to be the largest, too,” PJ Pereira, a co-founder of Pereira O’Dell, an ad agency that helped with the campaign, told NBC News.

What’s going on?

The Ad Council organization — a nonprofit group that has created ads for Smokey Bear and the “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” campaign — will be releasing a new campaign centered around the COVID-19 vaccine, according to The Washington Post.

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  • The campaign — titled “It’s Up To You” — will be found on television, video, social media and audio platforms, like Spotify.
  • The messages will include ads “tailored toward Black and Hispanic communities, where studies have found a lack of trust about the coronavirus vaccines and their long-term effects,” according to The Washington Post.
  • Ads will advise people who are skeptical of vaccines to visit getvaccineanswers.org for more information.


The campaign was announced back in November 2020. The Ad Council said it had teamed with experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to create the ads. The council also worked with the COVID Collaborative, a group of experts and scientific leaders, to create the ads.

  • “Many of America’s top experts, leaders and institutions in health, education and the economy have joined forces in a new collaborative to help defeat COVID-19 and support state and local leaders in the effort to save lives,” said John Bridgeland, COVID Collaborative co-founder and CEO, at the time. “We will marshal the full force of the country’s energy and talent behind the Ad Council’s campaign to engage Americans in their own recovery.”