President Joe Biden said Thursday night during a primetime address to the nation that the United States can, hopefully, “mark independence” from COVID-19 on July 4, BBC News reports.

What’s going on?

Biden said he would call on all states to make all adults eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations by May 1. If everyone gets vaccinated soon after, there could be a return to normal by July 4, he said.

Why it might take 7 years for us to return to normal
  • “If we do this together, by July 4 there is a good chance you, your family and friends can get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day,” he said.
  • “After a long, hard year, that will make this Independence Day truly special — where we not only mark our independence as a nation but we begin to mark our independence from this virus.”

Sound familiar?

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox made a similar promise for Utah residents in February when he announced the state was expanding its list of people eligible to get the vaccine, according to the Deseret News.

We’re still far away from returning to normal
  • “It is important not to give up right now, when we are so close,” the governor said.
  • “We are underselling the positivity of what’s happening out there,” the governor said.
  • “It’s something I’m very passionate about,” he said. “I’m telling you, I’m not going to be wearing this on the 4th of July. And I’m going to be in a parade somewhere. ... We’re going to put these in the fireworks and blow them up or burn them.”

State of play

As of right now, 98.2 million doses of vaccines have been given out in the United States, according to Bloomberg COVID-19 vaccine tracker. The U.S. has adminstered an average of 2.23 million doses per day.