California Gavin Newsom slammed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to end the Texas statewide mask mandate, calling it “absolutely reckless.”

  • Newsom's comments came on Twitter, where he responded to an Associated Press tweet about the news.


Newsom’s comments come as the California governor faces a push for a recall, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. People from outside and inside California have asked that Newsom be removed from office because of his response to the pandemic, specifically due to the restrictions he has added to the state.

California is lifting restrictions. But it’s still worried about the variants and vaccine rollout

In December 2020, California added a stay-at-home order restriction as cases spiked during the winter months, as I wrote about previously. The state ended the stay-at-home order in January 2021, giving restaurants, local businesses and personal care services a chance to reopen, per the Los Angeles Times.

As Fox News reports, Texas was behind California and New York in terms of COVID-19 deaths throughout the pandemic.