A red blood super moon total lunar eclipse is happening this week, and there is a potential that Western skies will be painted red because of it.

  • “If you glance skyward during the predawn hours Wednesday and the moon is bathed in an eerie red glow, don’t be alarmed,” according to The Washington Post. “Parts of the western United States will be treated to a total lunar eclipse early in the morning, while skywatchers coast to coast can enjoy a bright full moon.”

Details and how to watch

  • Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2021
  • Time: 2:47 a.m. to 5:18 a.m. MT
  • How to watch: Keep an eye on the sky in the hours before sunrise. Most lunar events are best seen from locations without much skylight.

What is the blood supermoon total lunar eclipse?

Per SciTech Daily, the special lunar eclipse is the first in nearly 2.5 years. When it happens, the moon appears about 7% larger than it normally does.

  • The Western United States and Canada will likely see part of this special eclipse, including potential red skies. However, those in eastern Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, which includes Hawaii, will also have a chance to see the total eclipse.

What to expect

The moon will be shadowed by Earth at the beginning of the eclipse. In a few hours, the moon will dip deeper into the shadow, which will make it look like someone chomped a piece of the moon, per The New York Times. That’s when the moon will look red.

By the early morning on Wednesday, “the moon will fall completely within Earth’s inner umbral shadow and its full face will become a deep, dark red,” according to The New York Times.