The Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday it will propose more than $500,000 in fines for 34 passengers who were unruly on recent flights.

  • These passengers engaged in behaviors such as refusing to wear face masks on flights, hitting flight attendants and even throwing their luggage across the cabin, according to CNN.
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Details of the unruly passengers on planes during COVID

  • Two-thirds of the incidents surrounded customers refusing to wear face masks on planes, which is a federal mandate, according to the FAA.
  • Nine of the 34 incidents included passengers hitting or touching someone else on the plane, CNN reports.
  • Eight passengers were accused of drinking alcohol they brought on the flight.
  • And, apparently, the FAA said that “half of the incidents involve flights to or from vacation destinations in Florida,” according to CNN.
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Total charges for unruly passengers on planes

Per CBS News, the new requests for fines bring the total fines for 2021 up to more than $1 million. That accounts for all unruly passengers who were issued fines for their behavior earlier in the year.

  • If the earlier part of the year is an indication, the unruly moments may continue to occur. The Transportation Security Administration said Thursday that passengers would be required to wear face masks at airports, as well as on commercial airlines, buses and trains until January.