An investigation has found New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, including some current and former government workers, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Tuesday.

  • “Gov. Cuomo sexually harassed current and former state employees in violation of both federal and state laws,” she said, per The New York Times. “The independent investigation found that Gov. Cuomo harassed multiple women, many of whom were young women, by engaging in unwanted groping, kisses, hugging, and by making inappropriate comments.”

Here are the latest updates on the Andrew Cuomo allegations story:

President Biden says Cuomo should resign

Tuesday, Aug. 3

President Joe Biden said Cuomo should resign from his position as governor after an independent investigation found Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women.

“Yes,” Biden said when asked if Cuomo should resign.

  • “Let’s take one thing at a time here. I think he should resign. I understand that the state legislature may decide to impeach. I don’t know that for fact. I have not read all that data,” Biden said, per Axios.
  • “Look, I’m not going to fly-speck this. I’m sure there were some embraces that are totally innocent. But apparently the attorney general decided there were things that weren’t.”

Cuomo responds to attorney general report

Tuesday, Aug. 3

Cuomo responded to the news at about 11 a.m. MT in a taped statement, saying he denied the facts as laid out in the allegations:

  • “I accept responsibility and we are making changes,” he said.
  • “I want you to know directly from me that I never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances,” he said.
  • “I am 63 years old. I’ve lived my entire adult life in public view. That is just not who I am.”
  • “The facts are much different than what have been portrayed,” he said.

Cuomo said there are generational and cultural gaps between how he shows affection compared to others.

  • “I do kiss people on the forehead,” he said. “I do kiss people on the cheek. I do kiss people on the hand. I do embrace people. I do hug people. Men and women. I do on occasion say ciao bella. On occasion, I slip and say sweetheart or darling.”

New York state attorney general releases report on Cuomo

Tuesday, Aug. 3

Investigators interviewed 179 individuals for the report and reviewed more than 74,000 pieces of evidence to reach their conclusion, according to CNN.

  • Officials said 11 women who accused Cuomo of sexual harassment were credible.

The report — which is 165 pages — said Cuomo and his aides created a toxic work environment that centered around fear and intimidation of alleged victims.

  • The work culture enabled “harassment to occur and created a hostile work environment,” the report said.
  • Cuomo reportedly retaliated against at least one of the women for going public with her complaints, according to The New York Times. The retaliation may have included job loss and other ramifications. But it’s not immediately clear what the retaliation would have been.

Per CNN, James said Cuomo engaged in  ”unwelcome and nonconsensual touching” and made comments that were “suggestive” in a sexual way.

Cuomo sexual harassment controversy: What happened before

Tuesday, Aug. 3

Multiple women have come forward to accuse New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

  • One woman accused the governor of “unwanted, unwelcome physical contact,” according to Politico.
  • Anna Ruch told The New York Times that the New York governor asked to kiss her at a wedding in 2019.
  • Lindsey Boylan, who is a former state economic development official, said Cuomo harassed her from 2015 to 2018, per The Daily Beast.
  • Charlotte Bennett, who previously worked as an aide for Cuomo, said the governor asked her “whether she was monogamous in her relationships and if she had ever had sex with older men,” per The New York Times.
  • Karen Hinton, another former aide of Cuomo, said the governor asked her to travel to a “dimly lit” hotel room in 2000, per The Washington Post. According to Hilton, she visited the room, where Cuomo tried to “embrace” her. She said she pulled away from the attempt.
  • Ana Liss, another former aide, said Cuomo would ask her if she had a boyfriend from 2013 to 2015. He would also ask her if she was in a relationship, according to The Wall Street Journal. She said Cuomo also touched her lower back several times and called her “sweetheart” at times.