A doomed China Eastern Boeing 737 airplane took a serious nosedive before it crashed into the mountains, new video footage showed.

Driving the news: Local media in China shared footage of the airplane nosediving into the ground outside of the city of Wuzhou. Yahoo! News and Newsweek shared the footage as well.

  • Other video footage shows smoke and flames at the crash site.
  • Debris was discovered in the area.

Details: The plane had reached 29,100 feet before it had a major descent, falling 25,000 feet in two minutes, per CNBC.

  • It’s still unclear why the airline fell out of the sky so quickly.
  • About 130 people were on board the airplane when it crashed in southern China Monday, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

What they’re saying: “Usually the plane is on auto-pilot during cruise stage. So it is very hard to fathom what happened,” Li Xiaojin, a Chinese aviation expert, said about the crash, per Reuters.