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This dinosaur was bigger than a T. rex, and it hunted underwater

A Spinosaurus bigger than a T. rex may have hunted its prey underwater

SHARE This dinosaur was bigger than a T. rex, and it hunted underwater
Dense bones in the skeleton of Spinosaurus.

Dense bones in the skeleton of Spinosaurus, depicted in this artwork, strongly suggest it spent a substantial amount of time submerged in the water.

Davide Bonadonna

The largest ever carnivorous dinosaur — bigger than the Tyrannosaurus rex — hunted its prey underwater, according to researchers.

Driving the news: A team of researchers recently published a study that looked into how the Spinosaurus and its relative, the Baryonyx, had such dense bones that they could dive underwater to hunt, per BBC News.

What they found: The researchers compared femur and rib bones from 250 different species of animals, including whales, elephants, hippos, alligators and more.

  • The researchers said they found a direct connection between bone density and aquatic hunting behavior.

What they’re saying: “The new evidence is consistent with it being able to submerge, at least sometime(s). But as we showed in a paper last year, it couldn’t have been a really fast swimmer with that large sail, at least not in shallow water,” said Thomas Holtz, a principal lecturer in vertebrate paleontology at the University of Maryland, according to CNN.

What’s next: Jason Poole, an adjunct professor at Drexel University, told CNN that more research has to be done into the Spinosaurus specifically to understand its behaviors.

  • “I think this study is a good one to keep the ball rolling but more work is always needed to get a better picture of the life of something so strange and far removed in time.”