Warning: This article contains mild spoilers for “Moon Knight.”

“Moon Knight” director Mohamed Diab told me something he didn’t tell anyone else — he was finished with interviews.

Why it matters: Diab, who directed four of the “Moon Knight” episodes, offered a personal moment after a week of interviews.

Driving the news: I interviewed Diab on Tuesday about the upcoming Marvel show “Moon Knight.”

  • We talked about the show’s darker elements and how the show represents a personal experience for Diab, who saw the character of Moon Knight as a reflection of himself on his own personal journey.
  • My final question, though, was if there was anything he hadn’t told anyone else.
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‘Moon Knight’ directors tease what to expect in the show’s final two episodes

What he said: “You know that you’re the final interview? So I’m gonna tell you something. I am done with the interviews. That’s something that I haven’t said in the past week,” he told me.

  • “I want you to watch the next two episodes and it’s gonna get crazier and darker. You’re gonna love it.”

The bigger picture: The crew of “Moon Knight” has been conducting interviews over the past week in advance of the show’s premiere at the end of March.

Diab, along with “Moon Knight” directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, hyped up the final two episodes of the series, even before the premiere launch.

  • Moorhead said that “each episode very much has its own personality.”

“Moon Knight” premieres on Disney+ beginning March 30.