A Russian attack on an apartment building complex in Dnipro killed at least 44 people and wounded at least 75 people.

The attack prompted Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy to urge allies to “speed up decision-making” in providing aid, The New York Times reported.

1. Search and rescue efforts ended in Dnipro

Search and rescue operations ended Tuesday, rescuing 39 people, including 6 children. At least 20 people are still missing, per The Guardian.

2. Military training for Ukraine, increased troops for Russia

Russia announced plans to increase Russian Armed Forces to 1.5 million servicemen, CNN reported.

What’s happening in Ukraine and Russia?

“This is due to the war that the countries of the collective West are waging,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said, per CNN.

Meanwhile, around 500 Ukrainian soldiers began special training with U.S. forces in Germany and around 90 started training with the U.S. in Oklahoma this week, according to The New York Times.

“The training in Germany is designed to teach hundreds of Ukrainian troops the complex military tactics that could improve the ability of Ukraine’s army to launch new offensives and defend against Russian attacks,” per The New York Times.

The dark night of winter

3. Russian commander seeks asylum in Norway

Andrey Medvedev was part of Russian paramilitary forces and claims he “commanded about 15 fighters in the Wagner mercenary group in Ukraine,” according to the Times. He walked into Norway on foot and surrendered to police forces and told international investigators that he would help expose potential war crimes committed by the mercenary group.

4. Australian Open bans Russian, Belarusian flags

During a match between Ukrainian and Russian tennis players, a Russian flag was hanging courtside, which prompted the organization to ban use of flags from Russia and Belarus, the Post reported.