Following the mass shooting during the Lunar New Year celebration at the Star Ballroom Dance Hall in Monterey Park, California, on Saturday, authorities identified the victims on Tuesday.

The dance hall was a popular spot for the community of many Chinese and other Asian immigrants to dance and is now in mourning for 11 victims, one of which was Mymy Nhan, who — her family said — had gone to the dance hall as a reprieve from the death of her mother three weeks earlier, per The Associated Press.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Los Angeles coroner’s office released the names of all those who were killed.

  • Mymy Nhan, female, 65.
  • Lilan Li, female, 63.
  • Xiujuan Yu, female, 57.
  • Muoi Dai Ung, female, 67.
  • Hongying Jian, female, 62.
  • Yu Lan Kao, male, 72.
  • Chia Ling Yau, male, 76.
  • Valentino Marcos Alvero, male, 68.
  • Wen Tau Yu, male, 64.
  • Ming Wei Ma, male, 72.
  • Diana Man Ling Tom, female, 70.

A reporter for the Los Angeles Times — Julia Wick — shared a post from a vigil held outside the Monterey Park city hall in honor of the victims.

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