Here’s a look at how Jordan Davis fared during his ‘Jeopardy!’ debut Wednesday night.
The Intermountain West is booming. Here’s a demographic view of what the change looks like.
The Nomad Alliance bus started helping people in the midst of the winter’s lowest temperatures and heavy snowfall. The goal is to help people who resist going to traditional shelters. But is it a solution?
Less than a third of Americans born in the 1980s think democracy is vital. Where did we go wrong?
Gov. Spencer Cox also proclaimed it Vietnam War Veterans Day in Utah.
The Senate voted to repeal on Wednesday. The House will take the legislation up next.
A new survey shows people no longer think patriotism, having children, working hard and having tolerance for others matter much. That needs to change.
It took Michael Fletcher ‘2 minutes’ to access a group chat used as evidence in the Gwyneth Paltrow ski case
Three members of Congress are vying for the open Senate seat in California. Here’s how they match up.
‘We want to be an anchor here and we build our facilities that way,’ Intermountain’s director of corporate real estate told members of the Salt Lake City Planning Commission during a meeting last week.
A mixture of rain, snow and wind is forecast in the valleys over the next few days.
West Valley fire officials said someone was cooking in a home near 6000 W. Brud Drive when the fire started.
The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on Tuesday announced that camping there is now limited to five sites, with a newly defined camping season at Hardware Wildlife Management Area.
The confrontation occurred in the Bear housing facility, a male general population housing area of the prison, Department of Corrections spokeswoman Kaitlin Felsted said
He led Stanford to the NCAA Final Four, won two championships with the L.A. Lakers and has maintained his devotion to his family and Latter-day Saint faith, Now this UVU coach has a decision to make.
Hotel-branded residences at St. Regis Deer Valley were snapped up despite the housing market downturn.
Troopers said the crash involved multiple vehicles — including several semitrucks — in the northbound lanes.
The report also shows that February’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is estimated at 2.4%, with approximately 42,300 Utahns unemployed.
The four-lane divided highway is will ease travel pains for commuters in western Davis and Weber counties, which are growing at a rapid pace.
McCarthy said the country’s fiscal problems can’t be solved overnight, then offered solutions for ‘ballooning national debt’
‘EJ could sing anything,’ ‘Voice’ coach Niall Horan, formerly of the band One Direction, said. ‘It was like watching a ready-made star’
Paltrow collided with Terry Sanderson at Deer Valley Resort in 2016. Here is everything that has happened since
The AI International Film Festival will debut in Park City this spring and is aiming to broaden the conversation about emerging artificial intelligence tools
The International Olympic Committee says a decision won’t be made until “the appropriate time.”
This water year’s collection — at 26.7 inches by noon Monday — is also the largest amount Utah has received since at least 1952, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service.
To celebrate some of the best burritos, here’s a list of some restaurants with fantastic burritos in the Beehive State
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will also speak to the GOP state delegates on April 22 at the organizing convention
‘The difficult reality of many colleagues and friends leaving Disney is not something we take lightly,’ Iger wrote.
‘Gov. Cox encourages individuals, businesses and other organizations to lower their flags to half-staff as well,’ a statement from the governor’s office said.
‘It was really humbling to see that it’s really hard to start a new life in another place. It was an example of what if would be like in real life. They’re asking for things you don’t even have,’ Carlos Reyes said
UVU hosts a conference on the war’s 1-year anniversary, while some Utahns live daily with fear for loved ones still in the crossfire.
Two men were snowmobiling in the area when one got caught and buried in the slide near Lewiston Peak, Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon said.
What really made McEntire’s Salt Lake City show stand out were the moments the singer couldn’t have predicted — like when the entire arena serenaded her with the ‘Happy Birthday’ song
Ivan Marrero started reading off a list of headlines as other local, private, state and federal representatives gathered in a room and online for a roundtable discussion on transportation safety Monday afternoon.
A Republican-led resolution in the Senate and House would cancel the program.
The interview covered a wide range of issues, from the war in Ukraine to classified documents to Trump’s rivalry with DeSantis
Utah Republican delegates will hear from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis during the party’s organizing convention on April 22 at Utah Valley University.
Speaking anonymously, the chairs expressed their doubts about Trump’s ability to win.
The 31-story tower is poised to add 400 units to downtown Salt Lake City in the coming years, 40 of which would be set aside as affordable housing for residents listed within 60% to 80% of the county’s average median income.
A Utah optometrist testified about how he believes the crash with Gwyneth Paltrow — whom he believes was skiing errantly and neglectfully — has impacted his life since.
Data privacy concerns exist on nearly all social media sites, but the issues regarding TikTok are glaring, the governor said.
Natural migration, a snowpack that lures big game to the cities and vehicles. They all make for a potentially deadly combination for both motorist and animal.
Put down the Lysol and pick up the soap and water, experts say
If we can tackle the gender pay gap, get women into leadership positions and solve child care needs, Utah women will thrive
‘It is our intent to embrace the talents of our legacy SVB employees, embrace their business capabilities and then reiterate to their clients that First Citizens has an unwavering focus on holistic client relationships,’ Craig Nix said.
After several months where his approval rating was trending higher, Biden faces new challenges.