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A bill to cut Utah income taxes is advancing. Here’s what it would mean for the average family

After a pandemic slump, Girl Scouts hope to sweeten cookie sales with a new flavor — Adventurefuls

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Utah coronavirus updates: The latest COVID-19 news and case counts

Opinion: On Holocaust Remembrance Day, please help us, Utah senators

BYU, other Latter-day Saint schools will require temple recommends for new Latter-day Saint hires

Opinion: Refugees face many obstacles in Utah public schools

The most Googled slang word in Utah is ...

A gondola up Cottonwood Canyon would be expensive and ineffective

Utah is one of the best states to retire

How intense partisanship in the U.S. could hurt Ukraine

Coyote spotted in Sugar House raises concerns about neighborhood pets

Hunter High teen accused of shooting football players is now charged with 2 counts of murder

Free N95 masks coming to Utah to fight COVID-19 — but when?

Opinion: Washington should let you decide where education tax dollars go

Did the U.S. once promise not to expand NATO? Does that play into the Ukraine crisis?

If you bought a house in one of these Utah cities, you might have paid too much

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As gymnasts visit Utah Capitol, Cox calls Olympics ‘one of the only things’ uniting us

Olympic medalists MyKayla Skinner, Grace McCallum and Amelie Morgan were honored by Gov. Spencer Cox and the Utah Legislature.

Why Utah entrepreneur’s antisemitic rant must be challenged

New charges: BYU professor engaged in 'ecclesiastical abuse' to sexually abuse 3 students

The SAT is going digital and will be an hour shorter. What’s the impact for Utah students?

Will the loophole letting Salt Lake County require background checks for gun show sales survive the Legislature?

This Latter-day Saint is running for governor in Massachusetts (and he’s not Mitt Romney)

This African boxing legend will be a keynote speaker at RootsTech 2022

Opinion: How intellectual piracy, at home and abroad, hurts business startups

Salt Lake City mayor focuses on affordable housing, air quality in State of the City address

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How Salt Lake City’s mayor showed grace under fire

Mayor Erin Mendenhall had every reason to be angry at state lawmakers in her State of the City address Tuesday, but she exhibited none of it.

Popular podcast journalist speaks at BYU about the case for nonviolent protests

No, this Utah bill is not a UN ploy to force the National Guard to give you a COVID-19 vaccine

The proposed plan to save the Great Salt Lake from drought

Should Utah schools be required to provide free period products for students? A bill is on its way to the House

Why the Joseph Smith Papers published a photographic record of this significant church document

Time for another COVID-19 booster shot? Not in the U.S. — yet

Opinion: Putin isn’t as strong as he would like you to believe

Utah House votes to remove barriers for unmarried couples seeking surrogacy

Why these Republicans say faith-based foster care agencies need our support

Salt Lake City airport adds new airline service for the first time in 8 years. Here’s where they’re flying

Comedian Ryan Hamilton postpones his Salt Lake City show after getting hit by a bus

Why this animal study suggests too much THC is bad for men’s reproductive health

How lawmakers could help families with huge medical bills

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Photo of the day: Midway Ice Castles a frozen treat

Utah Tongan community still in shock over volcano’s destruction

Latter-day Saint temple reopenings: Here are the latest updates

Could changing this law close the child care gap for 'desperate' Utah parents?

Latter-day Saint missionaries follow island protocols after returning home to Kiribati and testing positive for COVID-19

Opinion: Why some occupational licenses hurt the economy

Why you might be back to the office in February

What you need to know about water in one of the nation’s driest states

Rain, snow or drought, this man makes sure your water is still on tap