This mismatch between how a public-serving industry is appreciated and how it actually performs is characteristic of “public value failure.”
In an exclusive interview with the Deseret News, Perino explains how she’s getting ready for Wednesday’s Republican presidential primary debate.
A bare cupful of material captured from the ancient asteroid Bennu could shed new light on the creation of the solar system and even the origin of life on Earth.
The elephants, Christie, 37, and Zuri, 14, will be leaving in the next few weeks to join a larger herd at another zoo.
Emilee Segura was born deaf, but early intervention allowed her to hear, and speak, as well as anyone; she’s made it her life’s work to use her story to tell others what is possible.
Fours days on the iconic southeastern Utah trail brought tears of sadness and joy, and memories to cherish.
Though Americans know little about what the National Strike Units did on behalf of U.S. interests, many of the Afghans who are now living in our communities served in these units.
“If anyone follows me, you know that I have a lot of complaints about the city we live in and the state we live in,” she said on her podcast.
Sen. Menendez, D-N.J., remains defiant in the face of growing demands for his resignation.
While lawmaking is a full-time job in some other states, Utah is different.
The garage sustained extensive damage and debris from the explosion was scattered across neighboring yards.
In an interview with the Deseret News, Lee says he would support a continuing resolution but lawmakers need to take the appropriations process back from party leadership.
The Bureau of Land Management is gearing up to release a new travel plan for the Gemini Bridges-Labyrinth Canyon area, which could change recreation dynamics in the area.
Biden will visit Michigan the day before Trump, in an effort to blunt his likely opponent’s visit.
A summary of the events leading up to and following the murder of Elizabeth Salgado in Provo, Utah
The Women’s Reservation Bill will be implemented in 2029.
Patients seeking the updated vaccine are being told to “check back” later this month.
Mendez was charged with 3 counts, including conspiracy to commit honest services fraud, bribery and extortion.
The ongoing case of Kouri Richins, a woman from Kamas, Utah, who was charged with killing her husband not long after publishing a book about grief to help her children cope with unexpected loss, has attracted national attention
The two companies may eventually compete for service between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Is America ready for a return to robust rail service?
Church lawyers say allowing the case to proceed threatens religious liberty and ignores the First Amendment.
Food safety specialists advise home canners to read the label on vinegar before using it for food preservation.
The proposed site would be located close to 14600 South, adding a new stop between the current Draper and Lehi stations within the emerging tech corridor.
The leaves are about to change in Utah. Here’s where and when you should go to see them
The Earn to Learn Act is meant to make college education more affordable.
The national debt just passed $33 trillion. The only way to avoid disaster is to get serious about reforming big programs, including Social Security
Mitt Romney is a strong conservative, but some Republicans can’t overlook his role as Donald Trump’s chief Republican critic.
In an interview with the Deseret News, Aaron said Park City is one of his favorite places to visit
Jonathan Freedman, honorary consul of Ukraine in Utah, receives the The Order of Merit from Ukraine’s president.
Sen. Mitt Romney and other elected officials experience violent threats amid polarization. Gov. Spencer Cox says it’s up to everyone to stop it.
It is not enough for Americans today to merely celebrate the United States Constitution. We must honor its great fundamentals.
Utah congressman, Rep. Blake Moore, is part of the House Budget Committee which passed an outline Wednesday to balance the budget.
A little over a week after his 86th birthday, Bluth is just one of roughly 100 featured guests at FanX Salt Lake Pop Culture & Comic Convention, an event that is now in its 10th year.
Lee says the White House hasn’t provided ‘clear goals and a defined mission’ on Ukraine.
The Tampa Bay Rays’ stadium deal announcement may clear the way for Utah’s MLB chase and Gov. Spencer Cox is stoked.
The Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights revealed more than “100 incidents of student-to-student sexual harassment, including at least 88 sexual assaults.”
Lee has supported the blockade on promotions by Sen. Tuberville over a Pentagon policy on travel for abortion
Students were traveling to music event for band camp in Greeley, Pennsylvania.
Two baseball insiders see Nashville and Salt Lake City as the the frontrunners for major league expansion.
A shutdown “could be a long one,” Gov. Spencer Cox remarked during PBS Utah’s monthly governor’s press conference.
Management & Training Corporation, based in Centerville, is accused of hiring ‘ghost workers.’
Sept. 30 is Congress’ deadline to pass spending bills.
Federal program restarted as Utah reports 7 COVID-19 death over the past week.
The governor says he’s ‘very close’ to one candidate, while praising Romney’s service to the state and country.
Courtney Rich and her 10-year-old finish the REVEL marathon hand-in-hand.