Since the pandemic, dining in a restaurant has dramatically changed from a cultural outing to a hassle to handle — but why is this?
Tax cut bill passed by Senate in January finally gets House hearing.
Lawmaker says Utah’s bill will serve as a ‘backstop’ to residents of the Beehive State should Congress make changes or repeal the federal statute
Of the 12 states with a similar flat tax, Utah still has the eighth highest rate. But don’t take this low tax movement lightly.
Plus, why a Nevada man won $5 million by debunking 2020 election fraud claims.
Moore said he is trying to be a ‘productive’ conservative amid the noise in Washington.
A Utah House panel approved a bill to raise taxes for an investment and restoration district in the Fairpark area.
Projections say geothermal could produce up to 8.5% of nation’s power generation.
At the National Cathedral, the governors of Utah and Maryland joined religious and political leaders as they cut through today’s political divisiveness.
Revenue projections for the current and upcoming fiscal year have been announced, and they generally provided good news.
Rather than looking at troubled history for inspiration, we should build on progress and inspire students to move forward.
HB290 would move the sunset date for the state’s ranked choice pilot program from 2026 to spring 2024.
Nikki Haley is hoping to turn out Trump-averse Democrats in Saturday’s South Carolina primary.
A new state law has led public universities and students to grapple with what a post-DEI campus should look like.
House Republicans have yet to take a position on cutting state income taxes, but Senate back rate reduction earlier in the legislative session.
One lawmaker pushed for the adoption of a state water plan to pool money and brainpower. That proposal has already been watered down.
Lawmakers are considering a bill for a sports and entertainment district that would cost taxpayers $1B.
Jury selection for Daybell’s trial is expected to begin in April.
Salt Lake City’s daily average for applicants received per job was 34.9, making it the most competitive job market in the country, according to study.
Devices that don’t pierce skin have not been approved or been proven accurate.
I have been peppered with questions from all sides. Haven’t you heard of the “separation of church and state”? Have you ever read the Constitution? How about the First Amendment? The answers to all three are yes, yes and yes.
The spacecraft is on the moon but communication issues have prevented flight monitors to confirm its condition.
The National Weather Service says a large chunk of Utah has a greater probability of above-normal temperatures this spring.
House, Senate agree to compromise language that allows the state school board to conduct a hearing on whether a school library book should be removed statewide.
One state senator says Utah is in ‘crappy’ position if it passes an NIL bill — and if it doesn’t pass one.
House, Senate Republican majorities are still in discussions, speaker says.
Sen. Mike Lee reported separately to Republicans and Democrats about his work in Congress.
Utah governor to talk at ‘With Malice Toward None, With Charity for All’ event, sponsored by Deseret Magazine, Wednesday evening
Survey says Utah is furthest from the overall representation of the U.S., while Illinois is closest.
Measure intended to plan for 50 to 75 years down the road cleared a legislative committee amid praise but with criticism that its negotiations’ closed door nature instills a lack of accountability.
The retailer is acquiring the TV manufacturer to support and boost its advertising sector.
Historian David J. Gerleman explained in the Washington Post that the historic documents are “the hidden link between the two men — and between two presidents across the centuries.”
Experts say people have different way-finding skills, but you can build better ones if you’re willing to get out and explore.
The program enables air vehicles to assist Utah K-9s in need by providing emergency care and transport for police dogs when they are injured or fall ill in the line of duty.
Take a deep breath, America. Politics isn’t identity.
The airline is offering an flight that will put passengers in the sweet spot for the upcoming total solar eclipse.
The upcoming season will see the return of a few Utah favorites — “Wicked” comes back for a six-week run and “Les Miserables” will return for two weeks.
State lawmakers will consider bonding and creating a board with taxing authority for construction of a ballpark.
The issue of homelessness ranks high on constituents’ minds, with a December 2023 poll placing it as the third-top issue facing Utah.
There seems to be an inherent bias and assumption that private proprietary universities value profit over students. I am here to say that is simply not true
Lee and Truss spoke Tuesday at the Gary R. Herbert Institute at Utah Valley University.
A bill to establish more regulatory controls on mineral extraction companies involving the Great Salt Lake and to increase their compensation to the state moved out of a legislative committee on Tuesday.
The announcement comes a little over 2 months since his wife, Hayley Erbert, was rushed to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a cranial hematoma and underwent an emergency surgery to remove a part of her skull.
Despite censure by the Utah Legislature and calls for her resignation from multiple leaders, Cline says she will run again.
The former president slammed Nikki Haley and praised Tim Scott ahead of the South Carolina primary.
Haley’s visit will include a rally on Utah Valley University’s campus.
‘Six years ago, I was a senior at Parkland,’ says the voice of 17-year-old Joaquin Oliver. ‘The thing is, I died that day in Parkland’