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Will Utah ‘reject’ Biden’s employee vaccine mandate? Legislative leaders urge Gov. Cox to act

What are ‘fintech’ companies? Are they here to help upend the banking world or eat you alive?

Gabby Petito’s boyfriend is now missing, too. Here’s what we know

This old-school newspaper guy read ‘Twilight.’ His book report went viral

Gabby Petito’s stepfather says Brian Laundrie’s silence ‘makes no sense’

Florida police say they’re ‘keeping an open mind’ with the Gabby Petito case

Want evidence Americans’ resolve to follow Constitution is wavering? Mitt Romney says look at Jan. 6

'He was coming to kill me': Officers found to be justified in killing knife-wielding man

Florida police say Gabby Petito’s boyfriend has important information related to the case

My mother nearly died because Utahns don’t take COVID-19 seriously

Gabby Petito’s father calls boyfriend’s silence ‘cruel and heartless’

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Utah coronavirus updates: The latest COVID-19 news and case counts

Florida police say they’re ‘working around the clock’ to solve Gabby Petito mystery

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Should Utah’s drought emergency declaration be extended into winter?

Utah’s drought is supposed to be aggravated even more with a forecast that calls for the next few months to be drier and hotter than usual. Some leaders say the emergency drought declaration should be extended into winter. What effect will that have?

Mental health is a surging problem amid COVID-19, especially for kids. What’s Utah doing to meet the need?

Gabby Petito and her boyfriend would fight and break up a lot, Brian Laundrie’s sister says

Gabby Petito, boyfriend had ‘no previous incidents’ in Florida, police say

See the exterior renderings of 4 Latter-day Saint temples coming to the western U.S.

Opinion: Biden’s vaccine mandate will be a campaign issue in 2022

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Are more Americans going hungry because of the pandemic?

For children, Blacks and some folks in the South, the answer is yes.

This e-commerce giant is back from the grave

Poll results: Should politicians or public health officials make the call on mask mandates?

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Photo of the day: New shoes give Girls on the Run participants a leg up

The Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation will donate 1,000 pairs of running shoes to underserved girls participating in the program that aims to inspire girls in third through eighth grade to be joyful, healthy and confident through a fun, experienced-based curriculum that creatively integrates running.

Opinion: We support vaccines, but Biden’s mandate exceeds his authority

Why nearly half of states are threatening to sue President Joe Biden over the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for businesses

How to watch or listen to October 2021 general conference

This retired BYU professor has authored 170 books on Latter-day Saint history. She just published another

There’s no evidence of a crime in Gabby Petito’s disappearance, Florida police say

Is Utah’s ‘fierce’ housing market cooling? Sales are slowing, but prices are still sky high

This is the final text message Gabby Petito sent to her mom

Intermountain Healthcare to merge with Colorado health nonprofit

Children are falling behind because of the pandemic

New Salt Lake City airport turns 1 but is still growing. Here's when the construction will end

Politicians should act responsibly in face of the pandemic

Hispanic Heritage Month a celebration of contributions and experiences, community leaders say

Get vaccinated for our children and grandchildren

Liberals, conservatives face contradictions over vaccines

Gabby Petito and her boyfriend had an argument in Moab weeks before disappearance, police say

This new bodycam video reveals an emotional Utah incident between Gabby Petito and her boyfriend

Utah investigators ‘not ruling anything out’ in Gabby Petito case

Opinion: Do whatever it takes to get more people vaccinated

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California has shown why other states should never adopt a recall law

The effort to remove California Gov. Gavin Newsom evolved into an expensive, full-blown election only one year before the next regularly scheduled election.

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The latest updates from the Gabby Petito missing woman case

Just because you’re vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t get COVID-19

Gabby Petito’s Instagram account disappeared for 4 hours. Here’s why

Gabby Petito’s family says her boyfriend left her ‘in the wilderness with grizzly bears and wolves’

Utah will soon see hundreds of refugees. Is there enough affordable housing?

The ‘Devious Lick’ TikTok challenge that’s provoking thefts, vandalism at schools nationwide has hit Utah