Black 14’s John Griffin and Mel Hamilton say collaboration with Church of Jesus Christ to fight food insecurity will continue.
A media company claims McDonald’s refuses to advertise with their Black-owned media company.
The Federal Reserve announced that they plan to increase interest rates into next year.
Thousands of people, young and old, celebrated their love for fictional characters by putting on a costume.
As buyers turn away from the market amid still record high home prices, the pressure is building on the rental market.
BYU will compete against Notre Dame in the next round of “College Bowl” on Sept. 30.
You might think you might everything about Utah — but have you heard of these five unsolved Utah mysteries?
A Utah trade delegation of 64 people, including Gov. Cox, visited the United Arab Emirates to share ideas and innovation and strengthen relationships.
When Israel failed to go to the moon, its response was ‘Let’s go back and be successful.’ What can Utah learn from the dream-big attitude?
UDOT has recommended the gondola option to solve the Little Cottonwood Canyon traffic problem. Who’s paying?
With the amount of families around Salt Lake City’s City Creek Mall, there needs to be more policing, according to this City Creek resident
Influencing has become a huge marketing tactic and, for some, an occupation. However, while influencing may seem new, it’s really not
The Supreme Court handed a big win to transgender workers in 2020. Will it do the same for transgender athletes some day?
A new Deseret News/Hinckley Institute poll found a high degree of concern about the economy.
Utahns gave the president low marks for his handling of the economy, while scoring his pandemic response higher in a new poll.
A Utah trade delegation of 64 people, including Gov. Cox, visited Israel to discuss drought solutions and innovations.
A Utah trade delegation of 64 people, including Gov. Cox, visited Israel and the United Arab Emirates to explore economic partnerships and innovations
The Southern Hemisphere’s “unnerving flu season” suggests more cases are coming this winter.
U.S. Senate candidate Evan McMullin is running as an independent. Who is funding his campaign?
Rep. Chris Stewart also criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Martha Hughes Cannon was the first female state senator. Here’s her story.
UVU’s upcoming conference, “Why it Matters” connects the United Nations with the farmsteads of Utah.
A plea deal spared the gunman from a possible death penalty, but the suffering doesn’t end after a sentencing hearing.
Impress your guests with an array of tasty appetizers
By following Evan McMullin’s campaign, this woman learned about the divinely inspired roots of the U.S. Constitution
Should Utah get a flag redesign? Will abortion matter to Utah voters? Are we utilizing the Great Salt Lake?
Teacher who said classroom was ‘built for nonwhite students’ has been on paid leave
Most Democratic candidates in tight races have said they would eliminate the filibuster.
The Lee-McMullin matchup is the closest statewide election Utah has seen in decades.
Former players will light the Y before the game, be honored on the field for working with Latter-day Saint leaders to feed the hungry in their hometowns.
Trump told Sean Hannity said that ‘there doesn’t have to be a process’ to declassify documents
The new season of ‘Survivor’ premiered Wednesday. Meet the BYU student who’s competing this season
Here’s a look at what happened during the Season 3 premiere.
The North Dakota man admitted to fatally hitting the teenager with his car after the two had a ‘political argument’
Police say the University of Utah student does have knowledge of the school’s nuclear reactor.
They are accused of ‘lying to lenders and insurers by fraudulently overvaluing his assets by billions of dollars’
Utah is one of the few states that sees the problem as a statewide issue that affects everyone. New funding directed toward affordable housing and homeless units is the latest example of this.
Just having a pedometer helps you increase your step count according to BYU study.
Anti-immigration proponents are using fear to convince us that immigrants and refugees should not be allowed into our country
Despite its growing success, the Rancho Markets chain is still very much a family-run business.
J.R.R. Tolkien makes hobbits into heroes — but these unconventional, ordinary folk don’t fit our superhero mold
The permanent supportive housing facilities serve men and women, including more than 150 veterans, experiencing homelessness.