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Utahn charged with not paying income taxes for nearly 3 decades

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WEST JORDAN — A West Jordan man faces multiple felony charges accusing him of not paying state income taxes for 28 years.

Timothy Ray Robinson, 52, was charged in 3rd District Court on Tuesday with six counts of tax evasion, a second-degree felony, and falling to render a proper tax return, a third-degree felony.

Despite “being notified on numerous occasions of his requirement to file, Robinson has not filed an income tax return dating back to 1991,” according to charging documents.

The Utah State Tax Commission has “audited Robinson seven different times covering 12 different tax years for not filing Utah individual income tax returns,” the charges state. “USTC records contain no evidence that Robinson has ever made an individual income tax payment despite being notified on numerous occasions of his tax liability.

From 2012-17, Robinson owes nearly $17,000 in taxes, the charges state.