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Charges: Man installs safe, then returns and steals it

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GARDEN CITY, Rich County — A man who helped install a safe inside a Garden City home is now charged with helping to steal it along with about $50,000 inside, according to police.

Jesse James Carlton, 32, of Dingle, Idaho; Gage Shayne Ewing, 24, of Smithfield; and Kaden Jade Bingham, 23, of Richmond, were each charged Monday in 1st District Court with aggravated burglary, a first-degree felony, and theft, a second-degree felony.

Over the weekend, someone broke into a residence at 550 W. Highway 89 in Garden City by “creating a large hole in the back of her closet which shares a wall with an adjacent storage warehouse,” according to charging documents.

A safe containing $50,000, several boxes of ammunition, four Harley Davidson shirts, a Harley Davidson jacket, two rings, and several documents including social security cards, birth certificates, credit cards and vehicle titles were stolen, the charges state.

The homeowner told detectives that Carlton had installed the safe in August.

“Carlton told her that the safe was very secure and that to steal the safe someone would have to break into the warehouse and kick a hole in the wall of the back of the closet (which is exactly what happened),” the charges state.

Police executed a search warrant on Carlton’s property and found one of the missing rings, according to the charges. He then told police he acted as a lookout and getaway driver while Ewing and Bingham committed the burglary, according to the charges.