Happy National Taco Day! Tuesday is both Taco Tuesday and National Taco Day, meaning that the stars have aligned for the perfect day to eat tacos. A lot of places sell tacos in Utah, so I’ve put together a list of some of the best that Utah has to offer.

Here are some places you could try in Utah.

Real Taqueria

This is my favorite place in Utah for tacos. There’s something absolutely amazing about their salsas. If you love street tacos, this is a great place to go. I always order the chicken tacos and put all the salsa on the tacos — hands down best experience. It’s not too spicy because the avocado crema provides a nice balance. Located in Holladay, this is a great option.

Something is very special about this Taco Tuesday
This is how Utah makes a taco


Salt Lake City taco lovers may have heard of Chunga’s. It’s undeniable that Chunga’s Taco Combo is a fantastic deal — under $10. This is a great place to get tacos in Salt Lake.

Taqueria 27

Located in Holladay, Salt Lake, Murray and Lehi, there are some tacos here with unique flavors, including a rotating special taco that the chefs make up.

Don Joaquin Street Tacos

American Fork, Provo and Lindon all have a Don Joaquin Street Tacos. There is a large variety of taco meats like chorizo, chicken, steak and more. These classic street tacos have the best cilantro and onions on the side.

Lone Star Taqueria

This Salt Lake taco spot has both meat and fish tacos on the menu. The fish tacos have the absolute best Cilantro-Jalapeno Mayo, making them a fantastic choice.