A man is in critical condition after being struck in a crosswalk Wednesday morning.

About 7:30 a.m., the man was about halfway through the crosswalk at the intersection of 180 West and 7200 South in Midvale when he was hit by an eastbound truck, according to Unified Police Sgt. Melody Cutler. The light was red when the truck went through the intersection, she said.

The man was launched about 40-50 feet into the air before hitting the ground; he was transported to the hospital in "extremely critical condition," Cutler said.

The Collision Analysis Reconstruction Team is investigating the incident. The driver of the truck remained at the scene and has been cooperative with investigative efforts.

Given the time of day and the direction the truck driver was traveling, police believe the sunlight may have played a role in the crash.

"We want to just remind the public that during the springtime, when we have the sun both in the morning and in the evening, (that) can affect your driving ability," Cutler said. "It's really important for drivers to take the necessary precautions."