Woods Cross announced Tuesday its police chief is on administrative leave — after almost three weeks of such leave. The chief's Facebook post four days ago, however, implies that he is retiring.

Bryce Haderlie, Woods Cross city administrator, confirmed in a statement Tuesday that Chief Chad Soffe is on administrative leave as of July 27. He also confirmed that Scott Buchanan, West Valley police chief from 2000 to May 2022, according to his LinkedIn page, is serving as interim chief of the department.

Refusing to offer any further explanation, Haderlie explained in the statement: "The city does not comment on personnel issues related to its employees, other than to confirm employment status, to ensure that employees' rights are protected."

On the other hand, in a Facebook post Friday, Soffe implied he was retiring or leaving the police force. He said he started his police service in 1979 as a Murray police cadet and that after 44 years, "It's time to call it."

"When you know, you will know," he said in the post. "A big thanks to all the officers I met and worked with along the way. I will pray for your continued safety as you serve. God bless."