Delta Air Lines has opened a Salt Lake training facility for travel agents and other western U.S. users of its DATAS II/Delta Star automated flight booking operation.

"This facility is of major importance to Delta's operations in the western United States," said Fred Rollins, Delta's district director of marketing."Locally, the center is important because of the number of travel industry representatives it brings to the area for these training programs," said Rollins. "As a result of their visits here, these people will become familiar with Salt Lake City and its opportunities for tourism while having a positive economic impact on the community."

Rollins said the training center offers a full range of courses designed to meet the DATAS II/DeltaStar subscribers' needs in the western U.S.

Located in the Salt Lake International Center business park west of the airport, Rollins said the training facility is expected to eventually bring more than 5,000 travel agents a year to the city.