Doug Moe has auditioned for a broadcasting job with NBC that would end his 10-year coaching career with the Denver Nuggets, team part-owner Bob Wussler confirmed Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, Moe was in New York City, where he loomed as a prime candidate for a job as basketball analyst with NBC, which begins telecasts of NBA games next season, replacing CBS.Moe reportedly participated in a mock broadcast of Tuesday night's Chicago-Detroit playoff game, along with NBC play-by-play man Marv Albert.

"I think there's a good chance he's already won the job, that the audition could be little more than a formality," said Wussler, former president of CBS Sports and of superstation TBS in Atlanta. "My source indicated that it could happen very quickly.

Nuggets managing general partner Peter Bynoe said he granted NBC permission to talk to Moe about three weeks ago. Bynoe added, however, that Moe told network officials "he would talk to them, but he wasn't interested in making a change. Doug said he wants to finish the three years on his contract."