For the seventh straight year, it's the same ending with a different twist for the Houston Oilers.

Super Bowl plans were tucked away for another season Sunday after another second half fold by the Oilers and a second half comeback by Joe Montana that helped Kansas City eliminate the Oilers 28-20.The Oilers have been to the playoffs seven straight years, the longest string in the NFL, but they haven't got past the second round.

"There's a lot of disappointment right now," quarterback Warren Moon said. "It's so disappointing. We didn't get it done."

It was a matter of blowing halftime advantages, just as it has been the past three seasons for the Oilers, who were among favorites to reach the Super Bowl when the playoffs started.

They led 10-0 at the half, but then Montana and the Oilers' past history took charge.

"We're going to continue to have that label (playoff losers) until we do something to change it and go all the way," Moon said. "The 11-game winning streak doesn't mean anything if you get in the playoffs and lose.

"We didn't get it done . . . again."

The Oilers led Denver 21-6 in the second quarter in 1991 but John Elway's magic cut them down in the fourth quarter for a 26-24 victory. Last year, in the most celebrated fold in NFL history, the Oilers lost 41-38 in overtime after leading 35-3 in the third quarter.

Oilers defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan thought his defense had done enough to win the game when safety Terry Hoage came up with an interception in the fourth quarter.

It set up a 43-yard field goal by Al Del Greco and a 13-7 lead. But the Chiefs scored 14 points in a span of 54 seconds to quickly quiet the crowd.