Even though its TV premiere is several weeks away, the printed rights to the new "Star Trek: Voyager" have been secured by Malibu Comics.

The latest continuation of the "Star Trek" saga will be the cornerstone of Paramount TV's new network, to air locally on KXIV Ch. 14 beginning in mid-January. Malibu, which also prints the "Mortal Combat" and "Ultra-verse" titles, is already publishing "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."Rival DC Comics has the rights to "Star Trek" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation," but the two comic companies combined to do a "Star Trek: TNG" and a "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" two-part crossover, where the stars of the two crews meet and work together to find some missing Starfleet admirals and solve a problem with the wormhole. It is available at comic book stores for $2.50 an issue.

DC Comics is also doing a 64-page adaptation of the Paramount movie "Star Trek: Generations," due out the week of Nov. 22. It will sell for $3.95 (or $5.95 for the prestige format).