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Losing her long brown locks won't weaken Shannon Faulkner.

"I'm not backing out. The only thing that can happen to keep me out is a court stay," Faulkner said Wednesday after a judge ruled for a second time that The Citadel may shave off her hair when she becomes its first female cadet.U.S. District Judge C. Weston Houck said there is no law barring the all-male military school from giving Faulkner the buzz cut required of all first-year cadets. He ruled the same thing last week, but was asked to reconsider.

Faulkner, who fought in court for 18 months to join the corps, is expected to receive the cut when she reports on Monday.

"I have said before I will have my head shaved," said Faulkner, who admitted she wouldn't like it.

The Citadel argues the haircut strips away individuality as cadets begin life in the corps. But lawyers for Faulkner and the Justice Department argued it would add to her isolation as the lone woman in the corps and doesn't mirror the requirements for women in the military.

Houck ordered The Citadel last month to admit Faulkner into the corps, ruling its all-male admissions policy unconstitutional. The school has asked the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to block her entrance.

The judge said there was no evidence Faulkner was in danger of being harmed or sexually harassed. He also asked that U.S. marshals make sure his order admitting her is carried out "fully, fairly and peacefully."

The haircut was meant to discourage her client, Vojdik said, pointing to "Shave Shannon" bumper stickers.