Two Salt Lake radio stations - KISN-FM (97.1) and KISN-AM (570) - are being sold, and another - KFAM (AM-700) - may also be sold.

According to Randy Rodgers, general manager for KISN-AM/FM, a letter of intent has been signed for the station's sale to Trumper Com-mun-ications of Chicago. Purchase price was not disclosed.Rodgers said the two companies must approve a contract and the Federal Communications Commission must approve the sale. The process is expected to take 90 days.

"The main reason for the sale is a good opportunity for Ballard (Smith) to focus on his other businesses. These are his only radio stations," Rodgers said.

Smith operates Sun Mountain Broadcasting of San Diego, the company that purchased KISN-FM and the forerunner of KISN-AM, KLUB, for $4.6 million in August 1985.

Trumper Communications currently owns five radio stations - three in Lexington, Ky., and another two in Charlotte, N.C..

Rodgers said he doesn't expect the new owners to make any format or personnel changes.

"We've got a winning operation," he said.

KISN-FM has an adult contemporary format. It is on an upward trend and ranked fifth overall among listeners age 12-plus and ages 25-54 in the latest Arbitron ratings for last fall. Anchor morning DJs "Fisher, Todd and Fraser" ranked third with listeners ages 25-54 last fall.

Sister station KISN-AM, an all-sports station, is also healthy with 14th places among listeners ages 25-54 and 18th among all ages. It has had the radio contract for the Utah Jazz since 1984.

- KFAM, an easy-listening music station, is reportedly being sold to the group that used to operate KOVO (AM-960) in Provo before it ended up being managed by KDYL.

Reported purchase price is $700,000.

There are rumors of conversion to a nostalgic format, but KLO and KDYL already have "big band" formats.

- Three other Salt Lake stations (KMXB, KUMT and KCPX) are also for sale for a reported $4 million by U.S. Radio Corp., but no offers have been received.

- ONE DECADE AGO - It was 10 years ago Wednesday that two Utah DJs directed an unprecedented effort that had 5,000 radio stations across the world playing "We Are the World" simultaneously to focus attention on world hunger.

Today, Jim Mickelson and Tracy Chapman are still working together at the same radio station - KKAT (FM-101.9).

A decade ago on Good Friday, the two radio personalities were working at Ogden's KZAN (now KBZN) and decided to organize the global simulcast that had stations playing the famine-relief song recorded by 45 artists at precisely 8:50 a.m. Utah time.

The song ended up being played on Muzak, Voice of America and was even picked up on Air Force One by President Reagan and his staff.

Today, Mickelson is the KKAT program director, and Chapman is the station's evening host.

- KISN-FM (97.1) has teamed up with Kmart for the 25th annual March of Dimes Walk-America April 29.

Register at any Kmart beginning April 1 and receive free foot-care samples and other items. A special kickoff celebration will be held at each Kmart store from noon-4 p.m. Saturday, April 1.

- KUER (FM-90.1) hopes to plant 1,000 seedlings later this spring, one for every $60 donation it receives during its annual spring on-air fund drive April 1-7.

"This community has been so supportive of KUER," Karen Wild-foerster, KUER's development director, said. "Now as we celebrate our 35th anniversary, it's great to be able to team up with our listeners and offer the community something special like this."

This planting, planned along the Jordan River Parkway with Tree-Utah, is to help the station celebrate its 35th anniversary. KUER has an estimated 80,000 listeners in Utah and surrounding states.

- Other upcoming events for the station's birthday include the Utah premiere of "NPR Exposure," an exhibit of National Public Radio personalities on display May 6-July 2 at the Salt Lake Art Center; and Garrison Keillor coming to Salt Lake City and Abravanel Hall on June 10.

- KUER will also air a special two-hour episode of "Car Talk" with "Click and Clack" Saturday, April 1, from 10 a.m. until noon. The station will also broadcast "A Prairie Home Companion" from Nashville April 1 from 5-7 p.m.

- LDS GENERAL CONFERENCE will be broadcast live on KSL (AM-1160) Saturday, April 1, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Sunday, April 2, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The LDS Radio Network will also transmit conference sessions.

KTUR (AM-1010), a Salt Lake Spanish station, will also air the two Sunday sessions of conference.

- KTKK - "Religion on the Line" for Sunday, April 2, (8-10 p.m.) will feature the Rev. James White of the Alpha Omega Ministry in Phoenix. Van Hale hosts the program.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - Tom Barberi on KALL talked about legislation regulating flag desecration Monday. On Tuesday, he discussed how today's judicial system handles juveniles poorly and about potential noise when the Tooele Army Depot blows up old explosives . . . Rogue Matthews on KCNR asked listeners on Tuesday whom they would name a holiday after if they could. On Wednesday, he got listener comments on the justice system. Matthews will also make a guest appearance at a golf course Saturday, April 1 . . .

"Fisher, Todd and Fraser" on KISN-FM took listeners' outrageous tales Tuesday. The DJs will appear at the Valley Fair Mall on Saturday, April 1, and the station will host its annual yard sale April 8 . . . "Cano and McCormick" on KUTQ had a top 10 list Tuesday what new movies they'd like to see in Utah. The DJs also gave away some Jazz tickets . . .

"Jon and Dan" on KLZX asked listeners for ideas on what they could sell this weekend to cash in on the LDS general conference crowds. On Wednesday, their version of "Mr. Roberts" had another lesson . . . Len Allen on KLO had a report from the Ogden Nature Center Tuesday and also an extensive syndicated business report . . .

"Mick and Allen" on KBER had the "Sex Goddess" on their show Tuesday. On Wednesday - the win-a-date day - four female roommates were studio guests, looking for a good man . . . The KXRK "Milk Beast" will appear at Artspace this weekend at 325 W. Pierpoint Ave. Morning DJs "Kerry and Bill" had a history lesson on Coca-Cola Wednesday . . .

Rick Shane, the producer of "Gary and Scotty" on KKAT, did the listeners' laundry for free Tuesday and also offered a chance for free clothes cleaning equipment. The DJs also gave away Alan Jackson concert tickets . . .

"The Wakeup Club" on KVRI had Rolly and Wells of the Salt Lake Tribune compete on the "Gender Bender" battle of the sexes game Wednesday. The contest came down to the tie-breaker question, with Wells winning by knowing the formula for the wind- chill factor. The DJs also awarded listeners Oscar Meyer Lunchables and other "Oscar" prizes this week to those with the best acting performances in the real life drama of marriage or family life . . .

Hank Hathaway on KTKK talked about pollution problems in Utah Wednesday . . . KISN-AM will begin broadcasts of the Salt Lake Buzz on April 6 . . . KBZN is sponsoring a coffee break for office staffs. Call 364-8069 and press option No. 9 to enter the contest. The station is also awarding a trip to the Monterey Jazz Festival.