The St. George Utah Washington Fields Stake, which includes the Washington Fields, Little Valley 1st and 2nd, Quail Valley and Washington 3rd, 7th and 9th wards, has been created by Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Germany and Japan, and in California, Michigan, Texas and Utah.


ST. GEORGE UTAH WASHINGTON FIELDS STAKE: (June 25, 2000) Created from the St. George Utah Morningside and Washington Utah Stakes. President — Terry L. Wade, 45, attorney for Snow & Nuffer; wife, Gina Green Wade. Counselors — Rex W. Wilkey, 44, assistant superintendent for Washington County School District; wife, Susanne Fife Wilkey. Leonard C. Jones, 41, director of material management for Deseret Labs; wife, Mary Ann Nelson Jones.


ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN STAKE: (Oct. 29, 2000) President — Steven A. Hedquist, 60, area administrative assistant of US Northeast/Canada East areas for Church Educational System; succeeding Thomas Peter Nielson; wife, Elizabeth Ann Gammell Hedquist. Counselors — Robert E. Quinn, retained. Douglas D. Mallory, 53, manager of LDS Employment; wife, Polly Mathews Garner Mallory.

BLUFFDALE UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 5, 2000) President — Gary Dee Rane, 45, general contractor for Rane Construction Inc.; succeeding J. Kimball Butterfield; wife, Sandra Dee Howell Rane. Counselors — Kim W. Rindlisbacher, 39, owner and president of Scenic Development Inc.; wife, Carol Mae Shumway Rindlisbacher. Mark Turner Anderson, 38, chief executive officer for Heat for Humanity; wife, Annette Apostol Anderson.

FRANKFURT GERMANY: (Oct. 29, 2000) President — Peter J. Berkhahn, 56, welfare manager for Church area office; succeeding Horst Dieter Sperling; wife, Ilona Linde Berkhahn. Counselors — K. Gernot Sertel, 51, self-employed trade representative; wife, Doris Tilly Goldschmidt Sertel. Dirk Sebald, 38, chief executive officer for Cognos AG; wife, Susanne Maring Sebald.

FREMONT CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 11, 2000) President — Dwight P. Clark, 43, works in engineering research for Lockheed Missiles & Space; succeeding LaMar G. Taylor; wife, Annette Baker Clark. Counselors — David R. Daniels, 52, systems engineer for Lockheed Martin Technical Operations; wife, Louise Owen Daniels. Garic W. Power, 35, director of technical services for Philips Semiconductors; wife, Nicole Lynne McCoy Power.

GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR EL SALADO STAKE: (Oct. 22, 2000) President — Mauricio Antonio Suarez E., 33, naval officer; succeeding Luis Gilberto Mauret Leon; wife, Olivia Del Rocio Banchon Q. de Suarez. Counselors — Tobi Janino Lopez C., 28, temple supervisor for Church area office; wife, Nelly Figueroa G. de Lopez. Julio Sergio Guerrero M., 31, assistant accountant for Diamasa; wife, Cruz Maria Villegas V. de Guerrero.

LUBBOCK TEXAS STAKE: (Oct. 29, 2000) President — Lorum H. Stratton, 62, associate professor for Texas Tech University; succeeding Jay B. Jensen; wife, Karen LaRee Scott Stratton. Counselors — Victor Oscar Davis Jr., 47, vice president of Sunnymead Ranch; wife, Cynthia Rebecca Smith Davis. Sterling Taft Shumway, 39, professor at Texas Tech University; wife, Valerie Vanderhoof Shumway.

MACHIDA JAPAN STAKE: (Oct. 29, 2000) President — Yukihiko Hattori, 46, supervisor for Schlumberger K.K.; succeeding Kiyoshi Sakai; wife, Kazuyo Muramatsu Hattori. Counselors — Yoshimichi Shimo, 50, manager of IBM-Japan; wife, Ritsuko Hayase Shimo. Seiji Tokuzawa, 36, education manager for Sony Life; wife, Hitoe Tsujii Tokuzawa.

SANTO DOMINGO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC SAN GERONIMO STAKE: (Nov. 5, 2000) President — Ruddy Emilio Monegro G., 34, sales executive for Osiris & Co.; succeeding Miguel Alfredo Lee Bruno; wife, Nurys B. Medina O. de Monegro. Counselors — Jorge Luis Cuevas F., 31, manager of missionary center for Church area office; wife, Vicky Velez C. de Cuevas. Miguel Alvarado P., 34, manager of temporal affairs for Presiding Bishopric's regional office; wife, Jasmin Rivera T. de Alvarado.

ST. GEORGE UTAH MORNINGSIDE STAKE: (June 25, 2000) President — Keith Ray Reber, retained. Counselors — Robert Wayne Cox, 52, owner of Colorland Sales & Service; wife, Ann Marie Hunt Cox. Dan B. Madsen, 55, physician for Southwest Internal Medicine; wife, Jane Spencer Madsen.

WASHINGTON UTAH STAKE: (June 25, 2000) President — Darrell G. Whitney, 51, president of Western Rock Products; succeeding Terry L. Wade; wife, Sally Ann Ruesch Whitney. Counselors — Chris L. Engstrom, 43, attorney for Snow & Nuffer; wife, Louise Inez Leavitt Engstrom. Steven A. Melessa, 47, middle school teacher; wife, Patricia Williams Melessa.