OREM — After years of uncertainty as to what to call the baseball stadium on the campus of Utah Valley State College, it was thought that the matter was put to rest with the renaming of the facility to Brent Brown Ballpark last week.

However, the management and owners of the Orem Owlz, the minor league tenant at the field since 2005, do not feel the same way about the issue.

The Owlz have decided to continue referring to the field as the "Home of the Owlz," the same designation they have used since the Parkway Crossing deal fell through with UVSC two years ago.

"We have relationships with our sponsors, and UVSC has relationships with their sponsors," said Owlz co-owner Jeff Katofsky.

Val Hale, UVSC vice president of advancement and marketing, said that since the Owlz are tenants, it is curious that they won't call the field by its proper name.

"The Blaze play in EnergySolutions Arena and they are just tenants there," said Hale.

Katofsky said there isn't a contractual obligation to refer to the facility as Brent Brown Ballpark.

"It's their (UVSC's) stadium for most of the year," added Katofsky, "but for 90 days of the season, it's our stadium."

Not pointing out specific incidents, Hale said there are likely various reasons why the Owlz are referring to the stadium the way they are.

"They have heartburn over several issues involving the stadium," said Hale. "I personally don't see where they are coming from."

Owlz general manager Zachary Fraser said that there was an agreement between the team and UVSC concerning future naming rights.

"We have a signed document on Feb. 3, 2006, between Val Peterson (UVSC vice president of administration and external affairs) and the team that we would work with the college on naming rights," said Fraser.

Why it was not followed puzzles Fraser.

"We felt that we had a good understanding of how we would promote the facility," said Fraser.

Peterson was not available for comment due to his annual National Guard training commitment.

Hale said he has no doubt that the Owlz want a piece of the naming rights money but reiterated that the college owns the stadium.

"UVSC is not in the business of subsidizing minor-league baseball," said Hale.

The Owlz were informed about the name change in a meeting with UVSC officials on May 31.

"It was not that 'We (UVSC) have a plan to change the name,"' Fraser said of UVSC's stance at the meeting. "It was 'This is what we would do."'

Not wanting to speculate on what UVSC's plan is if the Owlz do not refer to the stadium by its new name, Hale said that the college "will wait and see what will happen."

Said Fraser: "We are nowhere near a resolution."