The Jonas Brothers are in the middle of a world tour, and one of the stops will be in Provo to headline the Stadium of Fire on July Fourth.

The three — Nick, Joe and Kevin — took time to talk with reporters via teleconference a few weeks ago.

"Every year we actually have the best Fourth of July," said Joe Jonas. We actually started our Burnin' Up Tour last year on the Fourth. And the year before that we were in Penn State. And the year before that we were in Memphis, Tenn.

"We've been able to spend it in the coolest places and have the coolest days," he said.

This year the trio is looking forward to spending the holiday in Utah.

"I think this year will be the coolest," Joe said.

One of the "cool" factors is the fact that the stage will be set up in-the-round.

"There's not just one row of 20 seats," said Kevin. "The stage is built in a way that it's going from 140 feet from point A to point B all the way across the arena."

"We wanted to find a way to provide a bigger and better show for our fans," said Nick.

"And this was one of the ways we had to do so.

"It's a way for us to really connect with our fans."

Creating a bigger show is the result of the siblings' popularity.

They just released their fourth album, a daunting endeavor considering their last two albums sold more than 2 million copies each.

The three kicked off their tour at the new billion-dollar Dallas Cowboys stadium on June 20, and they just launched their new sitcom, "Jonas," in May. The three star as — what else? — rock-star brothers.

In addition, their 3-D movie, "The Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience," was released this week on DVD. (See related review.)

Unlike a lot of teen idols in the business today, the Jonas Brothers write and arrange their own music.

"Our biggest influence in the writing process are people like Elvis Costello, Prince and Johnny Cash," said Nick. "Neil Diamond is a new one. Also the Zutons out of the U.K. and Kings of Leon. We're are always trying to grow our music libraries and learn as much as we can on this musical journey that we're on."

Speaking of new albums, Country Music Award-winning SHeDAISY, whose members grew up in Magna, is gearing up to release a new album called "A Story to Tell." Unfortunately the three Osborn sisters — Kristyn, Kassidy and Kelsi — who will also be performing at "Stadium of Fire" — will not sing any new songs from the album.

Kassidy and Kelsi spoke with reporters during another teleconference a few weeks ago.

"We have only a short time on stage," said Kelsi Osborn. "So we were told to focus on the hits and more popular songs."

"We've only got a 20 minute slot," said Kassidy. "But we're always glad to be coming home and singing in Utah."

One of the songs SHeDAISY will sing is "Come Home Soon."

"That song struck a nerve with people whose family members are away serving in the armed forces," said Kassidy.

"We all have our lists of songs we want to sing," said Kelsi. "And we'll fight over which ones we'll sing. But that one will most definitely be in the show."

"And we'll have to sing 'Little Good-Byes,' " said Kassidy. "Because that was the song that kicked off our career."

For the past 20 years, the Osborn sisters have lived in Nashville, Tenn., and travel back and forth to Utah.

And this year marks the first time SHeDAISY will perform at the Stadium of Fire. In fact, the three have never attended the event.

"Our parents didn't have enough money to take us," said Kelsi. "And we were always spending time with family or singing at other local functions."

"We always heard about Stadium of Fire from our friends who went, and we always thought it would be great to go," said Kassidy. "Now we're singing at it."

The Osborns said they were looking forward to seeing the Jonas Brothers' show.

"We haven't seen them before live," said Kelsi. "But we think they are doing a great job with their career. And, like us, they are siblings. So they have each other to lean on."

"But also, they are brothers. And if they're like us, when they fight, they know that they are still stuck with each other."


If you go...

What: "Stadium of Fire" with the Jonas Brothers, SHeDAISY, Glenn Beck

Where: LaVell Edwards Stadium, Brigham Young University

When: Saturday, 8 p.m.

How much: $35-$120