OGDEN — Dozens of police officers, along with family and friends of fallen officer Jared Francom, were on hand Friday to witness the renaming of the Ogden Public Safety Building in his honor.

Francom was killed a year ago Friday in a shootout that injured five other police officers.

"I appreciate these guys more than I could ever express, not just Ogden Police Department, but all the other departments that have come forth and helped me and my family,” Erin Francom said in brief remarks as she braved cold temperatures to honor her deceased husband.

On the night of Jan. 4, 2012, a chaotic gun battle erupted as members of the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force attempted to serve a search warrant at Matthew Stewart's Ogden house. Francom and five other officers — some who arrived later as backup — were shot. Francom, who was shot six times, died the next morning as a result of his injuries.

Erin Francom said in the past year, his two daughters have been amazingly resilient.

"They have such a strong will and understanding that their strength makes me strong, too,” she said.

Family members said they hope this new memorial will help people remember how much Jared Francom loved what he did and why he gave his life.

“He wanted to work here, and I’m just grateful he was given that opportunity,” said Jade Francom, officer Francom’s father.

The Francom Public Safety Building at 2186 Lincoln Ave. houses both the police and fire departments.

“He would have understood and appreciated our desire to honor him,” Erin Francom said, “and he would have wanted us to share that by also honoring those that have gone before us.”