Video 1

Mark Kellner and Deanie Wimmer discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to hear all four marriage equality cases from the 6th Circuit Court and why several state legislations are considering local versions of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Video 2

The Deseret News caught up with GOP strategist Karl Rove. Hear what he had to say about another possible White House run for Mitt Romney.

Video 3

From Mississippi to Malaysia, a mold-breaking model is helping kids learn to think. The key is visual maps. Deseret News education reporter Eric Schulzke shows us how this method works.

Video 4

Parents who read at home with their kids have new proof that the time spent reading together is appreciated. In fact, parents may be surprised by who and how much. Deanie Wimmer explains why these results may help what you're doing at home.

Video 5

The highly anticipated movie "Selma" tells the story of a violent chapter in American history. It's receiving lots of critical and audience acclaim. People from all walks of life participated in that movement, including one woman who is visiting grade school and college students to talk about her experiences. Nkoyo Iyamba shares her message.

Video 6

A new play tells the little-known story of a librarian, a children's book and segregation. Carole Mikita explains why the "Alabama Story" remains important to audiences and the wider community.

Video 7

For many of us, piano lessons were a rite of passage and a normal part of childhood. But fewer people are buying the instruments. In fact, many piano stores are closing their doors as a decline in sales has begun to accelerate. As Deanie Wimmer explains, those still in business have had to adapt.

Video 8

When it comes to being a parent, there are just some things we have to say no to, put our foot down. But when it comes to our kids, they've got ways of getting around it.

Tim Johnson — a father to five daughters — shows us sometimes our kids have something to teach us.