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A Christian husband celebrates his Sikh wife in emotional song

SHARE A Christian husband celebrates his Sikh wife in emotional song

The song “Tum Hi Ho,” a ballad originally sung by Arijit Singh that dominated Indian music charts on its release in 2013, was written as an accompanying tune for the blockbuster Indian romance drama "Aashiqui 2." But for many in America, the song now represents a husband’s unconditional love for his wife in the face of cultural differences.

Physician Frank Gregoire sang the song during his wedding to Simran Malhotra, an expression of love that has now gone viral because of a video produced by AVP Studios Canada (it's garnered upwards of 900,000 views on YouTube in three days). The beauty of the song in Gregoire’s performance stems from the fact that while both he and his new bride are Canadians (who met in Baltimore, Maryland), Gregoire is a Christian French-Canadian while Malhotra is a Sikh with Indian heritage.

The couple reportedly had a joyful interfaith wedding, celebrating both of their cultural and religious upbringings. The highlight of the night, at least according to the Internet, was Gregoire’s performance, particularly because he sang the entire song in Hindi.

"My heart sank when I first heard him sing in Hindi. It was a feeling I had never felt before," Malhotra told The Huffington Post Canada. "The only thing I was thinking was, 'How did he manage to do this?' I was the only one at the reception who knows how hard he truly works."

As you can see in the video below, Malhotra didn’t worry about hiding her emotional reaction to the song. Gregoire’s performance takes up just over the first four minutes of the video, and Malhotra can be seen crying throughout the entire thing.

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The song’s lyrics detail a man’s longing for his one true love, something that Buzzfeed’s Shayan Roy says is beautifully accentuated by Gregoire’s “honest and moving” piano rendition (as well as his “Canadian accent”).

JJ Feinauer is a writer for Deseret News National. Email: jfeinauer@deseretdigital.com, Twitter: jjfeinauer.