It is said that this 2016 presidential election will be a defining moment for all women and for us as a nation. With only one of the top 10 candidates from either party being a woman, it begs the obvious question: Is it time to elect our first woman president?

As I analyze this question I am forced to lay out the facts. Hillary Clinton symbolizes the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Period. That is it!

I find it ironic that Clinton is behaving completely like a victim — a victim of infidelity. She surrounds herself with women who choose to cover up their husbands' alleged public infidelities — somehow sharing a common bond because they have been publicly humiliated. Sorry; I need a lot more substance than that crumb. Huma Abedin is just one example, with her unresolved issues from the sexting scandal of her infamous husband (Anthony Weiner). Her story is being showcased at the Sundance Film Festival — hardly your conservative think tank.

Hillary Clinton is not an example of a great advocate for women’s issues. Clinton herself has demonstrated a moral elitism and class warfare against which women deserve a defense. If you are Paula Jones or Monica Lewinsky, you are labeled as “trailer trash.” Where is the equal justice for all women regardless of education level, race and religion?

Each party should be advocating issues and seeking workable solutions that help all women – from the waist up and not only in regards to proclaimed “Reproductive Rights”

I am looking for a candidate who recognizes a woman’s contribution from her heart, her emotional intelligence, her brain and her varied life’s pursuits. I am sorry that many feminists are waking up and realizing that they were lied to and believed they could not choose home and family and be a political advocate without being victims of infidelity.

Clinton's consistent pattern of behavior after her husband's multiple infidelities has carried on throughout her entire career. Deny, rephrase, more lying and attempts to cover up the facts! I cannot reason in my mind how you put a positive spin on that hard fact. There is no leadership lesson to be taught to women of any age group in the Hillary Clinton example, except if you are a betrayed, angry woman seeking revenge on a philandering husband. I have always been taught women empower all women as they seek to advance themselves — but not in this way.

As a woman I chose to not be a victim of lies and manipulation — from anyone. As we continue in this finest hour of political discourse, I cannot swallow the pill that the Clinton campaign is trying to market to all voters — and especially to young women. No matter how you package it, I am not buying!

Lori L. Brinkerhoff is a member of the Hooper City Council and also serves as Mayor pro Tempe. She is president-elect of the Weber County Republican Women and works as a secretary in the Utah Senate.