DUCHESNE — No matter how cold it got, no matter how much snow she had to walk through, nothing was going to stop Elizabeth Mathews from walking Duchesne's Main Street Friday to show her support for law enforcement officers.

"I plan on being out all day. It doesn't matter to me,” Mathews said. “Maybe that's (what) the joy of service is, I forget how cold I am and just do it."

It takes a special ribbon for someone to forget the frigid weather, but the meaning behind these ribbons makes it so people don't forget something even more important.

"Keeping the memory alive of those fallen officers is really it,” she said. The blue ribbons are going up in time for National Law Enforcement Day, which is Monday. “I figured the best way to honor those fallen officers and their families is to get involved and honor the ones that we have currently serving in our communities.”

Mathews is married to a Duchesne County sergeant and knows how strong the thin blue line is, especially for those who lost a loved one in the line of duty.

She said, "Their families, they deal with it every single day for the rest of their lives," she said, pausing. "Sorry, it makes me emotional to talk about it. And this is just a way, a way for me to give back to those families and let them know that their family members aren’t forgotten."

And it’s not just in Duchesne where she is tying blue ribbons. She plans on having ribbons on every sign, post and tree from Duchesne to Vernal — some 60 miles — to show support.

But she isn’t doing it alone. Friends in Roosevelt and Vernal are also tying ribbons, something she's been thinking about for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day since this past summer.

"I had a hard time when we had our July, our Dallas shootings and then Baton Rouge, it just really struck a nerve with me,” she said.

It made her think of those wives who never got to say goodbye. "I've never really worried about it before, and I thought my husband could be working one day and it could happen to me,” she said.

So, no matter how cold it gets, those ribbons keep her going.

“I wish there was something more I could do to help honor those fallen officers and their families."