KAYSVILLE — As the city of Kaysville tackles the challenges of a growing community, its efforts to improve transportation routes are drawing fire from some.

Crews are removing trees along Angel Street to widen the road, and many residents are wondering if it was necessary.

Mary Ann Boyack is one of the residents voicing concerns.

“They're fresh air to me,” Boyack said. “They're privacy. They're a sound barrier."

They're also why she bought property along Angel Street in Kaysville.

"It took me a long time to find this lot,” she said.

But it only took a day for her to see what's about to happen.

"Now, I'm going to get emotional,” she said.

The trees in front of her neighbor’s house were taken out Tuesday because Kaysville is widening the road.

"This area has become a little bit more complex,” Kaysville City Manager Shayne Scott said. “It's a narrow road and has no curb, gutter or sidewalk on the east side.”

Scott says it's a sign of how much Kaysville is growing, especially West Kaysville, an area that was particularly rural for many, many years.

But what upsets homeowners maybe just as much as losing the trees is how, many say, they were ignored during the whole process. Even though they were notified in November of this, permission slips for workers to come onto their property only went out this week.

"We sympathize with those folks who are losing some trees and losing some privacy,” Scott says.

Boyack said she hasn't signed the paperwork yet, but knows it probably won't matter.

"We have to come to an agreement with them because they're going to do it anyway,” Boyack said.

The city manager says he understands people are frustrated, and he's sensitive to that, but he also says with as much growth as there is on this side of the city right now, there has to be change.