COLORADO CITY, Utah — A Colorado City family is looking for help finding the person who brutalized their horse, leaving her to die.

Roxy was a 2-year-old purebred QH filly owned by Jacob Hammon and his family. Sunday night the Colorado City Marshal’s Office called the family and asked them to come identify a horse.

Hammon said he has sturdy fences and the location seemed too far from his farm. He wasn’t home so he asked his wife to go tell the officials it wasn’t their horse. She arrived to find a mangled Roxy, still alive before marshals put her down.

Hammon said he believes whoever did this tied Roxy to a truck, dragging her behind the vehicle over a cattle guard and then continued several yards down the road before leaving her on the dirt road.

Hammon posted the story and photos on a local horse owners Facebook page. Soon horse owners from across the country began asking how they can help. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a reward.

They hope to raise $5,000 but say they will cover any that is not raised by the GoFundMe.

“I’m typically not the type of person who would want to share," Hammond said. "I’d rather put my head down and put some cameras up to make sure it never happens again, but the more I thought about it I thought, you know what I want to find out who did this and get them out of our community because if its an animal now it could be a human next if they’re willing to do something like that.”

Hammon said he doesn’t know any reason why someone in the small community would do this to him or his family.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Colorado City Marshal’s Office.